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Krabi, Thailand: 5 Days 4 Nights Itinerary

Here is a sample itinerary to help make the most out of your 5 days 4 nights in Krabi. Preferably, get an Air Asia Flight that lands in Krabi Airport in the early morning, so you’ll have time to check in and prepare for the adventures coming right up!
Krabi places to go


       There are 3 flights per day from KLIA: One in the early morning, second in the afternoon and another one at night. We prefer arriving in the early morning so that we won't waste a minute of our precious leave time (Well, you'll understand once you start working... All the white colors nod in approval... ).
Cost: RM79.00 (cheapest is RM69 during promo time)

DAY 1: Check-in, Ao Nang, and the 7-island tour. 

8.30am Check in, Price for 2 nights= 2688.90 Baht per person for a double room 
       We choose the Pooltara resort because we were so attracted by the fact that it has a natural pool within the compound. You can actually spend some time frolicking in the water or have some fun kayaking… All these facilities are well prepared so that you can start experiencing Krabi right away! See, not one minute wasted! genius members get free airport shuttle, priority early check-in with a free welcome drink. If an early check-in is not possible for you, leave your luggage at the counter and the staff will bring your things into your room when the room is ready. For non- genius members, airport shuttle is 600 Baht per way.

to be a  genius member. Get additional 10% discounts and free perks! 

Krabi where to stay
Krabi itinerary

        Now that it’s time to please your tummy, make your way to Ao Nang beach. Motorbikes or bikes are available free of charge in Pooltara. This journey takes 30 minutes but the scenery along the way definitely worth the extra effort. In fact, it is definitely a great choice if you are on your honeymoon and hope to stay peacefully away from mass tourism.

12.00pm Ao Nang Beach
       I personally do not like the beach itself (because the water is quite dirty according to my standard), but the streets steps away from the sand are interesting enough for you to spend an hour or 2. However, I don’t recommend anyone to buy souvenirs here, because there are better shopping streets in Krabi. I highly recommend grabbing lunch here. My taste buds thank me for my choice: a bowl of green curry.

1.00pm 7-Islands day trip = 900 Baht
       If you do not like the idea of keeping a tight schedule, you can do it independently. There is a ticket booth in Ao Nang beach where you can buy boat tickets to famous beaches like Railay and Phra Nang. One way cost 100-150 Baht, depending on the time.
       However, I recommend booking with a tour agent because you won’t need to rent your snorkeling equipment separately, dinner is on them and of course, you’ll have a rare opportunity to witness the Blue Tears phenomena (glowing planktons) at night. The tour usually comes with free pick-up service. You’ll hop from one island/beach to another with an average 30-45 minutes free-time at each place. Then they’ll bring you somewhere for snookering. Dinner is quite satisfying, an international theme buffet. After dinner, you’ll be given some time to experience the ever so happening nightlife in Krabi. The traditional fire-show is a must-watch!
       The 7 destinations included in this tour are Phra Nang Cave, Poda Island, Tup Island, Chicken Island, Taming Island, Si Island and a Bio-luminescent swimming spot.
       For those James Bond fans, you can even spend a couple of hours at the set of 1974 James Bond Movie in Phang Nga Bay National Park
Krabi places to go

8.30pm Back to the resort

DAY 2: Mountains

8.00am Khao Ngonnak Hiking Tour = 1150 Baht
       Take a break from the island vibes and head to the mountains. Start your day with a hike to Khao Ngonnak viewing point! A lot of visitors to Krabi skip this hike but little do they know, this is a one of a kind experience. Krabi is not all about laying on the sandy beach drinking coconuts, it's so much more than just island hopping and snorkeling.

5.00pm Feast like a king! 
       We are not ready to call it a day, after a fun-packed day, we ordered room-service from the resort counter… and guess what, it's a well-deserved Thai Massage!
       A BBQ seafood dinner was arranged and we spent the rest of the day slurping clamps and devouring crabs. That was what I call a REAL seafood meal.
Krabi what to eat
Read more about the dinner experience here. 

DAY 3: Vitamin-Sea

8.00am Check out
       You’re going to stay in a different area tonight, so the easiest way to do it, is to check out and let your tour provider help to keep your luggage. Of course, you need to request beforehand and make sure you don’t have TONS of luggage (be reasonable!). If this tour agency has at least an office, they’ll graciously let you leave your luggage for half a day. However, be responsible and thoughtful (keep your words about collection time.)

8.30am Phi-phi islands sail = 1300 Baht (book now for 1000 Baht)
       Ready to resume the beach life? Leaving Krabi without a day trip to Phi-Phi islands is (some say) considered rude. It is not dubbed the “jewels of the Andaman Sea” for nothing! Phi-Phi islands is a group of 6 islands and even though tourism had exploded a few years ago, causing almost all visitors to the South of Thailand rushing to the area, you simply have to take the trip.
       If you really don’t feel like going to Phi-phi, its okay, it's not a crime (don’t let anyone tell you what to do, it's YOUR holidays). Ko Lanta, Hong Islands (550 Baht), and Ko Rok can be some really interesting alternatives. Wherever you choose, go swim to your heart content!
       Preferably, enjoy an early dinner before sailing back to AoNang. If you happens to be there on a weekend, keep your stomach instead for the night market!
Krabi things to see

5.00pm Check-in Hostel. Price for 2 nights: 468 Baht for a dorm
       Now, take a Song Thaew from AoNang to Krabi Town. One way usually cost 50 Baht during day time and 60 Baht at night. There will be a lot of Tuk-tuks drivers offering their services from 300 Baht, politely turn them down by saying you’ve booked a car. They won’t bother you anymore once they know you are “taken”.
       When you catch a glimpse of a caveman holding traffic lights (the signature traffic lights of Krabi town), you know you’re at the right place. Usually, the Song Thaew will put you down somewhere around the Vogue Shopping Mall. Make your way to your hostel and sleep in earlier, it’ll be a long (and exciting) day tomorrow!

DAY 4: Krabi Town and the Surrounding Greenery

4.30am Rise and Shine Sunrise tour= 350 Baht
       Get up before the sun beats you. Today you will walk up 1237 steps to the top of the mountain to enjoy the magnificent sunrise over Krabi. There is a beautiful temple (Tiger Cave Temple), perfect for an early morning ZEN moment. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to join a sunrise Yoga class on top of the clouds!
Read more about the experience: Sunrise hike to Tiger Cave Temple
Krabi things to do

9.00am Emerald Pool, Hot springs Waterfalls, and Khao Pra-Bang Khram Nature Reserve.
       Krabi has its own share of Thailand pristine forest. The trail is easy to follow, so venture into Krabi inland and you'll be amazed! Remember to bring your own swimsuits, towels and clean clothes to change into. Wanna know how exactly this trip will turn out? Check this out: Krabi Rainforest trip.

4.30pm Krabi River Sunset tour = 850 Baht 
       Take a long tail boat ride to explore the Krabi River. Usually, if you walk to the pier, there will be boatmen offering to take you to the fishing village and out to the sea. We took a tour from Everyday Krabi because we like a more organized tour with an English guide. The tour includes a visit to one of the largest cave in South East Asia (Khao Kanab Nam), a fishing village and it ends with the mesmerizing sunset.
        Think sitting on LongTail Boats is too amateur? Up your travel game by Kayaking instead!

Krabi things to do

7.00pm Krabi Night Market
       If you are in Krabi during the weekend, don’t miss the famous Krabi night market on the walking street. Try to resist the temptation of Thai food for the whole day so that you’ll have maximum stomach space for the night market (haha, at least that is what I did). There are more than 70 food stalls with an unlimited variety of Thai food to choose from. You can also get your portrait done for 80 Baht, it makes an excellent souvenir to bring home!

Read more: 
Krabi things to do

10.00pm Nightlife

       Those who are interested in nightlife, rejoice… because nightlife in Southern Thailand is one of the most colorful. If you are like me, all you can think about is FOOD, then you can continue your foodie quest at another night market (near the pier) that opens until 12 am. Or, if you would love to truly relax and unwind, go for the famed Thai massage and spa! You might feel as if your bones are falling apart in the first few minutes but after that, you'll feel amazing, recharged and energized!

DAY 5: Local life

9.00am Koh Klang= 1500 Baht 
       Now that you’ve seen Krabi in every possible angles, how about go an extra mile to know the locals? The best way to know their culture and lifestyle is to join them! Be a local for a day! During our recent trip to Krabi, we join a tour to Koh Klang, a friendly Muslim village just 10 minutes offshore.
       In this village, we were given the chance to get muddy with the locals, helping them in the paddy field, learn how to produce batik with tie-dye method and enjoy a scrumptious halal lunch.
Krabi things to do

1.30pm Cafe Culture
       Think that is all for Thailand? No... Thailand has quite an interesting cafe scene, so make sure to put aside some time to try a cafe or two. If you have more time, you can even dedicate a whole afternoon cafe-hopping. Some interesting ones: Zoo cafe, May and Mark, and Coconuts.

3.30pm Home sweet home. Taxi= 170 Baht per person
       We caught an evening flight back to Kuala Lumpur. We pre-booked a private car transfer (pre-booked a Van ride if you have more people traveling together) through the hotel reception and we got there 2 hours 30 minutes prior to our flight, to avoid the rush hour. The metered taxi cost 500 Baht (up to 3 person), a little cheaper than the airport taxi, they'll leave you outside the main terminal.


       Again, there are 3 different timing from Krabi to KLIA. We choose the night flight and reach KLIA at around 8.30pm.
Cost: RM81.90


Return Flight from KLIA                                                                      1262.25 Baht (RM 160.90)
2 Nights Resort                                                                                       2688.90 Baht (RM 342.86)
2 Nights Hostel                                                                                        468.00 Baht (RM59.66)
Tours                                                                                                        6050 Baht (RM771.43)
Transportation                                                                                        220 Baht (RM28.06)
Meals (Breakfast covered by hotel, lunch + 1 dinner covered by tours) 500 Baht (RM63.75)              
TOTAL:                                                                                                  11,189.15 Baht (RM 1426.66)

If you have more days in Krabi, 

  • You can also join a rock climbing tour: 1100 Baht for a half day tour and 1850 Baht for full day. 
  • Here in MHF, we are against any kind of animal cruelty. So if you would like to meet a Thai Elephant, ditch the Elephant Ride and head to the Southern Thailand Elephant Hospital Instead! Here, you can experience the encounter in the most sustainable manner and help them heal from injuries.  

Not getting enough of Thailand? Watch my Bangkok video! 

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This post is written based on MHF's trip to Krabi. 
MHF team was hosted by EverydayKrabi and Pooltara but opinions are as always our own.  
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