Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How to go to the Great Wall of China, Mutianyu section (Visit Independently)

       People always say, "He who has never been to the Great Wall of China is not a true man". 相信许多人都知道这句中国名言:“不到长城非好汉。” so I guess no trip to China would be complete without a trip to the Great Wall of China. When I posted my photos from Mutianyu慕田峪 section of the Great Wall of China, I didn’t know it would garner so much attention. A lot of you want me to do a post on how to go to Mutianyu: the transportation, what to look out and where to get bus etc.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Shanghai, China: 5 Days 4 Nights Itinerary

       Shanghai Shanghai, often described as the city that never sleeps, made famous by the classical Mandarin Song "Ye Shanghai"… It is China’s biggest metropolis, the center of everything exciting and this 5 days 4 nights itinerary will allow you to get the most out of Shanghai in a limited time. Well no matter if you are a solo-traveler, budget traveler, luxurious traveler or a newlywed couple, if you are interested in culture, food and modern cityscape, this 5 days Shanghai itinerary is for you!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Xi'an, China: 4 days 3 nights itinerary

A phrase in China “Xi’an is the real heart of China 西安最中国” shows the historical significance of Xi an. They said, go to Shanghai and you will find a 100-year-old China; go to Beijing and you will find a 1000-year-old China; go to Xi’an and then you will find a 3000-year-old China.” I found this saying very true. After Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin, this is my last city in China before I head straight back to Malaysia and start my life as a junior doctor. It must be extra special, it better be, and it sure was!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

China Itinerary: 3 Days in Beijing

       Last spring, I’ve spent a month in China. In that period of time, I've stayed 5 days in Beijing, you can read my itinerary (5 days in Beijing) here. However, I’ve been getting more and more inquiries on a more doable three days in Beijing itinerary as most of us aren’t able to get long leave. Although 3 days in Beijing might not seem like much, but you will have just enough time to cover the most famous sites. There is so much to see in Beijing, so many things you can do, but if you are down with only 3 days in Beijing, what will you choose to cover? You gonna see the best of Beijing. Trimmed down the fat, My choice for the best of Beijing in 3 days is as follow.
3 Days in Beijing

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Itinerary: 1 Day in Tianjin ( the Best Daytrip from Beijing)

       Tianjin is China’s 4th national central city next to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and because it is so close to Beijing (120km away), we decided to give it a shot at impressing us in a day. Tianjin, are you ready? set go! 
1 Day in Tianjin itinerary