Wednesday, September 8, 2010


“You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors
    It’s the morning of your very first day
   you say hi to your friends you ain’t seen in a while 
   Try and stay out of everybody’s way” ~ 15, Swift.

Yes, I did take a deep breath that day for I knew this is kinda a land of geniuses. That’s the morning of my very first day here, but I am not 15. I’m already 17, going to college. ^^  I didn’t say hi to my friends as, well…. I didn’t manage to make any yet and I was having a race against time. I didn’t stay out of everybody’s way either, in fact, they stayed out of mine. (Imaginary) =.=

When I first got here, I was late. Although I arrived at 8.30 am and the registration was supposed to start at 9.00 am, I was not on time as I had promise my fellow ChungLingiants that I will be there at 8.00am sharp. If it’s not because of the confusing road signs and all those roundabouts, I could have gotten there before 7.30 am! =P

Everything was new to me here. For a second, I thought I will be all alone in my hostel for other Chunglingiants are not taking the same course as me. See: Sheafen, ALG; Sinyen, ADFP. But miracles did happen. After taking my hostel keys, I stopped by before the administration office to pick up some Intec stuffs, and I met Sheafen and Sinyen. We exchanged our room numbers so that we can find each other in the future. Imagine our surprised face when Sheafen and I realized we have been placed into the very same house! Superb! =D

We rushed to Akasia together. At that time, that place was such a maze to me. I walked round and round and round and couldn’t find block 4. Luckily, with the help of the fascists, we found it, and it’s just beside the Photostat center! So much the drama when we realized they had given us the wrong keys: both of us. We anxiously waited for our third and fourth housemates to come and end our torture, coz that was not a good windy day… the heat, ouch!

Hannah from Kuching reached after our “long wait” outside the door. And I was screaming inside: “FINALLY!!!” However, she also had got the wrong keys... =’( Never mind, we continued waiting for our last hope to arrive. Three of us hardly talk. We just introduced ourselves, and talked to our parents, or simply stay quiet.

There comes another girl. The moment we have been waiting for! Unfortunately, after she tried to unlock the door, she turned to us and said “My keys cannot open the door… == ” By the way, she is Rebecca from Bintulu. I used to think that she is a Malay, but turned out she is an Iban. She is doing Russian Program and so do I, so I decided to be her roommate.

After we were done unpacking and arranging our stuffs, we, new housemates sited down and had a little chat in my room, just to know each other more. =) Rebecca was not there, she went to Giant to buy things because She didn’t bring too much things from Sarawak.

I already forgot what was next. A talk in Dewan Cemara, perhaps? Or I slept the evening away? I couldn’t recall back. So…. Ета все. ! ^^

1st outing with housemates and Chunglingiants to Sunway Pyramid. ^^
   Yeemin (A-level, MSU), Hannah, Sheafen (ALG, INTEC), Sinyen (ADFP, INTEC), Me (IRS, INTEC)