Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 13

Halloween celebration here is not as popular as it is in the States. Although there are numerous clubs in the city throwing Halloween party, I still can’t feel the eeriness due to the fact that I don’t do clubbing, and there’s nothing going on anywhere other than in the clubs: There’s no treat o’ trick or pumpkin carving anywhere. So when this boring situation reaches a threshold, an Halloween food treat is the only thing I can think of as an escape pathway out of boredom.   All food below are prepared by me and my roommates.

Smilling cookies by Madeline.
Cyanotic fingers and spider devil eggs by Cecilia. 
Graveyard cake by yours truthfully. 

Photo collage.
*Flower garlic bread by Kim.
Our “costumes”. Pig, dogs and a bird. Photo credit to Alicia
Although I wish to say that we should do this again, but sadly, Cecilia and LynWei are graduating next semester. So, Happy Halloween and I hope this add some colours to your final year in Volgograd. We wish both of you all the best in your future undertakings. J

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Musical in New Experimental Theatre, Volgograd

I’ve never been to a musical in Russia before and I am truly glad to have this production “Romeo and Juliet” as my first musical play.

And no, it’s not a classical play by William Shakespeare.  On the contrary, it’s rather sophisticated. Romeo and Juliet, in modern times. Although I am not a good reviewer on musical plays and theatre, the show was great and I really enjoyed it despite of the language barrier. Every plays like this require a lot of hard work on stage and off stage, so a standing ovation is the thing that they deserve.  

Photo before the show. (girls only)

Tickets in russian.

photos during break time.

Information of NET:
Address: 400131, Volgograd. World Street 5 

Phones numbers: 
Advance bookings: 38-08-39 or 8-902-361-90-01 Meleshina Nadezhda 
Cashier: 38-08-45 
operation time 
Mon-Fri: 10.00 - 19.00 
Sat, Sun: 10.00 - 18.00 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lunchbox with Love

I hate to sound like a housewife, but cooking and making yummy food is one of the greatest way for me to release stress. Japanese bento is one of my favourite food set and Bento is certainly one of my MUST-COOK. Lucky me, there is someone as crazy as I am for Japanese food and a cooking-date is what it eventually leads to.
Saadah is surely a pro in making cute bentos and she taught me how to make these little duckings with sesame seeds, corns, bird eggs and spaghetti. While the Rilakkuma Omurice bento is the cutest thing I learned online from a Japanese food guru “Ochikeron”. I love her tutorials because she explains everything step by step, and the thing that I love the most is her creativity. Click on her tutorial video below to find out more! *Sharing is caring*

There are a lot of tutorials available on her channel. Be sure to check it out sometime:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn in my heart

In my opinion, autumn is the most beautiful season. Before I came to Russia to pursue further studies, I used to think that perhaps Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. Imagine my disappointment when I first found out that true Spring just last about 2 weeks and all those flowers that make spring “Spring” withers away under the summerish scorching sun. Yes, it’s still spring as shown on the calendar, but unfortunately not in real life.

Autumn is always the perfect time to snap some photos. It’s a must do for students like us studying abroad. I love the weather: not too cold, not too hot. It’s always just right to scroll to the park right after class.

What I’ll always do is, searching for the perfect leaf to be my next bookmark. I’ve always been a nerd. Bonus is, I’ve always been a nerd, with a sense of art. Thank God for that.

Photo session in Chekistov Park after Pharmacology class. Photo credits to Amber Liew.
We don’t always have time for all these, it’s always important to create memories.

The Mamaef Kurgan hill never fail us when it comes to Autumn photo shooting. Golden and red leaves perfectly reflect Autumn.  

       And the best thing about outings and photo shooting? I would say it’s the golden time I get to spend with the people who care about me and I care about. The most important necessaries for overseas students is friends. Not just “friend”, but “true” friend. Some discovers them with ease but some only after a storm. Just like the Jewels in a treasure hunt: no pain no gain.   

Love this vintage feel.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Graduation photos in Russia.

Graduation photos back in Malaysia.

This graduation marks the end of their 6 years medical studies and the start of working life. Time to be doctors, all the best. Congratulations to all, especially my beloved Honey Bear and dear sister Janice :3. You two are the most inspiring and the bravest people I’ve met in Volgograd, the lows in life never led you down and both of you taught me to smile in the rain. Life lessons I would never forget, cheers to that.