Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I attended CLB cultural night last Saturday.
Basically, we paid RM 15 to get in and chat+sleep+ facebooking using the school's wireless network...
Tat How still looks like a bamboo, nothing change.

The programme that I like the most is . I mean, who don't?
Although they didn't do Air Flare, their skills are still amazing. ^^

Then I love the wind orchestra's performance. Especially
(although I have been listening to the same melody over a hundred times.... still love it ^^)

by the choir was presented in a cReATiVe way. Thumbs up from me! =)
The idea of Card Board animals was a hit, way to go. =D

Well, watching juniors performing on stage was indeed a first time experience for me.
Kinda miss those days when we were the performers on stage instead of being an audience.
But when we were on stage back then, tense and worrying about our performance ,
we wished we were the audiences. 

Life is full of contradictions =D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, Raja Uda!!! ^^

Sushi came to fetch me with his Merz!! haha...
We went back to school to meet with the rest of the gang: Zhenyin, Wanyi, Suiyeen.
The funny thing was... my juniors can't recognise me... T.T
... I'll put the blame on my funny hairstyle...

It took us nearly 10 minutes to finally found a parking spot.
This pretty much proved that Raja Uda is a buzy buzy street indeed.
and the food? the Best of the Best ! ^^
Miss Raja Uda's Hokien Mee sooooo much!!!!! XD

Sushi (Mr Driver) eating his Cendol.... =)

Lol... I haven't seen Wanyi and Suiyeen for a long long time.
Wanyi is studying in Singapore under Singapore scholarship. Congratz congratz congratz!!! =)
She'll become a caring nurse in the future for sure...
(although I was quite surprised she choose to take up this profession)

Suiyeen, Zhenyin and Sushi are doing STPM.
You guys will definitely nail it!!! GAMBATE (x infinity)!!!
We talked about "important" things like "The future of CLB" and "Our School's reputation"...zzz (some rumor spreading in facebook... or should I say scandal??? Haiz...=.=)
and some way too UNIMPORTANT things like "a little SOMEONE blocked Sushi in MSN"...
and ... other things. ^^

We simply must take photo with Wanyi's masterpiece!!! ^^

Sushi actually wanna make this his facebook profile pic!!!

So... today is not so boring after all!!! XD

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tournament !!!

"Holidays"? it sounds unimportant to me now. coz to me, everyday = holiday.^^
But, yeah, just for now. After this June, I'll be toiling again, burying myself in books....again. T.T

Jit Sin High school= Battlefield^^

Brother went to Jit Sin High School yesterday morning. Ah~ Martial Art Tournament. I already forgot even the basic set patterns. Lame memory, you can't blame me.=) If I were given a chance, I.... WILL NOT GO BACK TO COMPETE AGAIN!!! (Maybe I'll change my mind? No way! Yes, I still love martial art but...) I still remember how my muscles and my whole body ached til my nervous system nearly break down! Oh my god! I mean its okay when it comes to set patterns 套拳and QiGong气功, totally no problem. But 推手 and 散打? Please! I can't wipe this terrible memory off my mind. I went for a tournament and I got myself "点穴"-ed. Actually, my opponent did that unintentionally lah~ coaches do not teach us how to use that technique but somehow she got the right "穴位" accidentally. Eventually, My shifu had to step in and help me to clear me clotted blood ways. I couldn't raise my right arm for two weeks. -.-

Cat fight?!

Then something about 硬功 and my stupidity. I had to break 6 pieces of wood in one minute. I had broken 4 with some clean smacks but the fifth was really hard. So I jumped off to finish the sixth wood first. I wonder why I couldn't break that damn 5th wood with side kick. Perhaps I should jump higher? You see, I was so distracted until I missed the 6th wood I have to chop with a slap palm. I chopped the building blocks beside instead!!! I was so stunned that I forgot to cry. All i could think about is HOW SHOULD I TAKE SPM WITH A BROKEN RIGHT HAND?! of course it didn't really break la...^^ my blow was not that powerful. My coach's assistant led me outside to apply some medicine and I realized how painful that really is, and that's how I remember to shed a few tears (just a few^^). I couldn't hold a pen for a week as my fingers were swelling badly and that was a pretty good explanation I had for not doing my homework. What? You expected me to do it with my toes? Nah~ not a chance! =P

Brother came back at 7.00pm. Luckily he didn't come back with a broken arm and won himself a golden ticket to the semi-finals. Hurray! Go~ Team Chung Ling!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Help needed!

I just finish painting this piece of drawing featuring bunnies and butterflies. I am thinking of writing something sensible using calligraphy. But, I can't find anything that matches this picture. Anything on your mind, friends? It could be the chorus of a song, some verse of poem.... ANYTHING!  

My Procedure:
End Product:

Please Help to complete this painting! Thanks.^^