Wednesday, September 8, 2010


“You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors
    It’s the morning of your very first day
   you say hi to your friends you ain’t seen in a while 
   Try and stay out of everybody’s way” ~ 15, Swift.

Yes, I did take a deep breath that day for I knew this is kinda a land of geniuses. That’s the morning of my very first day here, but I am not 15. I’m already 17, going to college. ^^  I didn’t say hi to my friends as, well…. I didn’t manage to make any yet and I was having a race against time. I didn’t stay out of everybody’s way either, in fact, they stayed out of mine. (Imaginary) =.=

When I first got here, I was late. Although I arrived at 8.30 am and the registration was supposed to start at 9.00 am, I was not on time as I had promise my fellow ChungLingiants that I will be there at 8.00am sharp. If it’s not because of the confusing road signs and all those roundabouts, I could have gotten there before 7.30 am! =P

Everything was new to me here. For a second, I thought I will be all alone in my hostel for other Chunglingiants are not taking the same course as me. See: Sheafen, ALG; Sinyen, ADFP. But miracles did happen. After taking my hostel keys, I stopped by before the administration office to pick up some Intec stuffs, and I met Sheafen and Sinyen. We exchanged our room numbers so that we can find each other in the future. Imagine our surprised face when Sheafen and I realized we have been placed into the very same house! Superb! =D

We rushed to Akasia together. At that time, that place was such a maze to me. I walked round and round and round and couldn’t find block 4. Luckily, with the help of the fascists, we found it, and it’s just beside the Photostat center! So much the drama when we realized they had given us the wrong keys: both of us. We anxiously waited for our third and fourth housemates to come and end our torture, coz that was not a good windy day… the heat, ouch!

Hannah from Kuching reached after our “long wait” outside the door. And I was screaming inside: “FINALLY!!!” However, she also had got the wrong keys... =’( Never mind, we continued waiting for our last hope to arrive. Three of us hardly talk. We just introduced ourselves, and talked to our parents, or simply stay quiet.

There comes another girl. The moment we have been waiting for! Unfortunately, after she tried to unlock the door, she turned to us and said “My keys cannot open the door… == ” By the way, she is Rebecca from Bintulu. I used to think that she is a Malay, but turned out she is an Iban. She is doing Russian Program and so do I, so I decided to be her roommate.

After we were done unpacking and arranging our stuffs, we, new housemates sited down and had a little chat in my room, just to know each other more. =) Rebecca was not there, she went to Giant to buy things because She didn’t bring too much things from Sarawak.

I already forgot what was next. A talk in Dewan Cemara, perhaps? Or I slept the evening away? I couldn’t recall back. So…. Ета все. ! ^^

1st outing with housemates and Chunglingiants to Sunway Pyramid. ^^
   Yeemin (A-level, MSU), Hannah, Sheafen (ALG, INTEC), Sinyen (ADFP, INTEC), Me (IRS, INTEC)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I attended CLB cultural night last Saturday.
Basically, we paid RM 15 to get in and chat+sleep+ facebooking using the school's wireless network...
Tat How still looks like a bamboo, nothing change.

The programme that I like the most is . I mean, who don't?
Although they didn't do Air Flare, their skills are still amazing. ^^

Then I love the wind orchestra's performance. Especially
(although I have been listening to the same melody over a hundred times.... still love it ^^)

by the choir was presented in a cReATiVe way. Thumbs up from me! =)
The idea of Card Board animals was a hit, way to go. =D

Well, watching juniors performing on stage was indeed a first time experience for me.
Kinda miss those days when we were the performers on stage instead of being an audience.
But when we were on stage back then, tense and worrying about our performance ,
we wished we were the audiences. 

Life is full of contradictions =D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, Raja Uda!!! ^^

Sushi came to fetch me with his Merz!! haha...
We went back to school to meet with the rest of the gang: Zhenyin, Wanyi, Suiyeen.
The funny thing was... my juniors can't recognise me... T.T
... I'll put the blame on my funny hairstyle...

It took us nearly 10 minutes to finally found a parking spot.
This pretty much proved that Raja Uda is a buzy buzy street indeed.
and the food? the Best of the Best ! ^^
Miss Raja Uda's Hokien Mee sooooo much!!!!! XD

Sushi (Mr Driver) eating his Cendol.... =)

Lol... I haven't seen Wanyi and Suiyeen for a long long time.
Wanyi is studying in Singapore under Singapore scholarship. Congratz congratz congratz!!! =)
She'll become a caring nurse in the future for sure...
(although I was quite surprised she choose to take up this profession)

Suiyeen, Zhenyin and Sushi are doing STPM.
You guys will definitely nail it!!! GAMBATE (x infinity)!!!
We talked about "important" things like "The future of CLB" and "Our School's reputation"...zzz (some rumor spreading in facebook... or should I say scandal??? Haiz...=.=)
and some way too UNIMPORTANT things like "a little SOMEONE blocked Sushi in MSN"...
and ... other things. ^^

We simply must take photo with Wanyi's masterpiece!!! ^^

Sushi actually wanna make this his facebook profile pic!!!

So... today is not so boring after all!!! XD

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tournament !!!

"Holidays"? it sounds unimportant to me now. coz to me, everyday = holiday.^^
But, yeah, just for now. After this June, I'll be toiling again, burying myself in books....again. T.T

Jit Sin High school= Battlefield^^

Brother went to Jit Sin High School yesterday morning. Ah~ Martial Art Tournament. I already forgot even the basic set patterns. Lame memory, you can't blame me.=) If I were given a chance, I.... WILL NOT GO BACK TO COMPETE AGAIN!!! (Maybe I'll change my mind? No way! Yes, I still love martial art but...) I still remember how my muscles and my whole body ached til my nervous system nearly break down! Oh my god! I mean its okay when it comes to set patterns 套拳and QiGong气功, totally no problem. But 推手 and 散打? Please! I can't wipe this terrible memory off my mind. I went for a tournament and I got myself "点穴"-ed. Actually, my opponent did that unintentionally lah~ coaches do not teach us how to use that technique but somehow she got the right "穴位" accidentally. Eventually, My shifu had to step in and help me to clear me clotted blood ways. I couldn't raise my right arm for two weeks. -.-

Cat fight?!

Then something about 硬功 and my stupidity. I had to break 6 pieces of wood in one minute. I had broken 4 with some clean smacks but the fifth was really hard. So I jumped off to finish the sixth wood first. I wonder why I couldn't break that damn 5th wood with side kick. Perhaps I should jump higher? You see, I was so distracted until I missed the 6th wood I have to chop with a slap palm. I chopped the building blocks beside instead!!! I was so stunned that I forgot to cry. All i could think about is HOW SHOULD I TAKE SPM WITH A BROKEN RIGHT HAND?! of course it didn't really break la...^^ my blow was not that powerful. My coach's assistant led me outside to apply some medicine and I realized how painful that really is, and that's how I remember to shed a few tears (just a few^^). I couldn't hold a pen for a week as my fingers were swelling badly and that was a pretty good explanation I had for not doing my homework. What? You expected me to do it with my toes? Nah~ not a chance! =P

Brother came back at 7.00pm. Luckily he didn't come back with a broken arm and won himself a golden ticket to the semi-finals. Hurray! Go~ Team Chung Ling!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Help needed!

I just finish painting this piece of drawing featuring bunnies and butterflies. I am thinking of writing something sensible using calligraphy. But, I can't find anything that matches this picture. Anything on your mind, friends? It could be the chorus of a song, some verse of poem.... ANYTHING!  

My Procedure:
End Product:

Please Help to complete this painting! Thanks.^^

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Evil Bunny

Yesterday was just nice. Got a nice chance to hang out with friends. Just Chia Muar, Ching Kwang, a Beh, Eevon and me. We had a pretty good time having breakfast at saitoLim and playing EVIL RABBIT's game at Chin Kwang's house. Althought I don't like the idea of "All bunnies are EVIL", I found the games very amusing. Firstly, the game which the rabbits was playing flute really hurted my eyes, and the "Burping Rabbits" was really disgusting. And then there was the fun parts: the race and the swimming competition. Enjoyed the trill ( even though I din't actually participated). Thanks!! : )

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


















星洲日報/副刊 ‧作者:戴晨志‧2010.01.30

Sunday, February 28, 2010

!! and !

Judging by the so-called progress I made these past few weeks, it’s not a tough task to predict my result for my on-coming piano exam. First, sight-reading, for my, is not a pretty sight, at all. However,  I kinda have a “clever” idea. It is to perform the rhythm but be oblivious of the notes. Sure, by pressing whatever notes in whatever key I might come out with (If the score is not that tough, I might be able to follow some of the correct notes) , I can give my full attention to the rhythm. ( Unless the rhythm is difficult…then, I will be dead meat.) At least I will get to pass this part to the test, maybe with the most awful mark… but who cares? It’s consider pass, anyway. And then, there is Debussy. My god, why he had to create all those beautiful but deadly music?? Okay, I must confess. His music is not that difficult to memorize, it’s the notes that mess me up. C’mon! All those octave parts are killing me! (Let’s be more specific They are killing my baby hands!) I can’t play them with ease like my brother do. Why can’t he? He has extremely long fingers…at least a lot longer than mine. But he’s like never into piano. Well, he don’t care much. Practicing is not his thing but maybe he’s sight-reading is better, he just need to practice for let’s say 1-2 hours before attending class and he’s good to go. Again, like a LEG said, the world is not fair. Damn, I hate those words! Well, he can’t play as fast as I could, we are even now.^^ So, the world is actually quite fair. Hear that? Mr. LEG? And my piano teacher actually has baby hands as mine too, and she can play all the notes precisely, so, so can I!!! I believe I can “fly”! (completely out of topic…) And then there are two more things bugging me: sing the lower part and sight-singing. I know what notes I should be singing but when I sing it out, its like… It sounds weird, like it doesn’t fit in well, maybe its because I don’t have a great voice? Clearly, the aural test is not about singing, so you don’t have to possess any terrific vocal..dah~ even if your voice cracks you will still make it through. However, it set me thinking. My voice is not bad at all, in fact I had won a few prizes for singing before. I never use to be nervous of afraid to go up the stage and sing out loud. But now, it’s a different story. I know I have lost my confidence in doing that after a terrible incidence back in my primary school day. Now my voice often crack under pressure. But in form 3, I manage to get back on stage again thanks to my good friends, Grace and TzeHoon. Haha, that was really really fun..^^ thanks guys! I also can’t explain one thing in particular. I was once a good racer, I could really run. But after primary school, I lost all my strength. Even a 100 meter run is torturing me. Why? What could be the problem? I had changed that much!   

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm really really BORED. Computer malfunctions again, don't know what to do now...
I heard the SPM result is coming out on 16-3-10. Is that for real?? coz' I heard some different versions: 28-2-10 by celine Lee Chen Yue, 11-3-10 by a friend from MARA, 17-3-10 by an Indian friend. Whenever it is, the result is gonna come out, sooner or later, right?

Until then, I'm still bored...

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I went to Yee Min's house today. Her mom served Nasi Kelabu...a type of malay rice in Kelantan. It was a very special experience...We put almost 10 type of vegetables on our plates and mixed them together with some blue rice. We joked that maybe after eating it, we might transform into Avatar...of course, it didn't happen. ^^ It was very endearing to see some old friends again. We talked about almost everything a group of girls might talk about and something concerning the future and the past. Then we went to Yeemin's room to download PPStream and a musicbox. When I heard 一首歌的时间, I remembered something: One of my story is beased on this song. But before I can published it on the web, I need to record a song first...the worst part is..I can't sing!!! anyway, forget it.^^    We even watched a new episode of "I guess, I guess, I guess, guess, guess"(the name is so long~) And I, yeemin and Hazel agreed on something: We dislike girls who purposely pretend to have a "doll voice"(娃娃音)coz it's so unreal. We actually have some friends who have this kinda bad habit. My question for them is : Why talking with high pitch/ Why octave higher? Use your natural voice, girl! Cease being a doll and start being a real people. I don't think that sounds cute, at all.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Nothing much today, but its certainly not a typical Friday!I woke up at 7a.m. to keep my brother accompany. Why? He needed to study for his upcoming examination, and no one wanna wake up that early to陪太子读书,so I have to do it.(But I fell asleep again on the sofa.:)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Then at about 11.30am, I went to Jin Rui's house to visit. There was a whole bunch of people there but the majority was his sister's friend. There was only me, Sushi, Chinkwang, Jin Rui and Zifang. They told me many of our friends can't make it because they were attending Tat How's Birthday party. Well, since I was not invited, I don't have to make this decision. Plus, if I were been invited, frankly, I'll still go to Jinrui's house, because, you know...出生入死's old friend。Sushi and me reach his house first. After "showing up" his dracula's teeth, he led us straight up to his room. The highlights? A really enormous blade like the one used in "The Storm Raiders".It's hang on the chase out evil spirit “避邪”(I think...whatelse???) And hey, he actually knows how to play the guitar plus singing along, from Taylor Swift to Adam Lambert... Wow, how I admire him...How did he do it?! I mean, he only started to learn it 'bout a week ago (he told me that), and he only learnt "informally" from his roommate, Oh my God. Is the guitar so easy to handle??? In my case, it's not. Maybe it's because my fingers are EXTREMELY short!!! Even my youngest brother's (only standard 6) fingers are longer than mine...
Plus, now when Jinrui knows how to play guitar, I seriously think Eeding must keep an eye on him now, because..."Pasaran telah diperluas..."Everyone who study economic sure will know the meaning...(Just kidding larr... don't kill me..>.<)+++++++++++
Then we have KFC and Pizza for lunch. Zhenyin tell us to keep some for her, which I really think she was just kidding. Though, we didn't...hahaz. After the meal, Sushi and me kinda share our "great" experience of drinking shendy with a straw to prevent oxidation of our bracelet with Jinrui. The funny thing was, one of his vampire teeth fell out...hahaz, looks like somebody will not be able to suck blood for some time now.^^+++++++++++++++++
Yeah, and something really funny about the meal is that...Chinkwang mentioned something funny and I remember the day when I was invited to my friend's birthday party. I still remember that incident vividly. There was a child at about 3-4 years old(I'm not so sure). We were enjoying ourselves at KFC. His mother was teaching him the name of the food. Then suddenly, my Friend said this to me:"Hey, please pass me the cholesterol..." Before she can finish her sentence, the child splashed his cup of pepsi( luckily, it was just a baby cup, and I think he splashed it by accident.) towards her and say "Coleslaw larr!" The good thing was, my friend was kinda Gothic and her clothing was all black...or else. I can't stop laughing when I think about this: Firstly, how could a child be so aggressive? Turned out his mom just taught him the name of the food and when he heard what my friend said, he thought my friend was not listening to his mom...=.= Secondly, I just sat beside my friend, so if the child was mata sepek, the victim would be me...and I wore a completely white shirt... try thinking of the consequences yourself^^+++++++++++++++
Yes, before I forget, I wanted to upload a video of Chong Jin Rui singing "I'm Yours" while playing his guitar but my computer hang. Such a bummer... Lady Luck is on JR's side today..."THE WORLD IS NOT FAIR" by L.E.G (CLB).

Monday, February 15, 2010

: )

Today is Chu Yi( I mean yesterday...), the first day of Chinese New Year (Who doesn't know that?) and don't forget Valentine day.Personally, I have nothing to do with Valentine... I don't have a boyfriend and I think that's a really good thing.I get to spend my precious new year time with my family, plus, who needs a boyfriend?=.= I'm not saying this because I feel bitter for not having one, but one of my buddy commented on this"boyfriend" subject by saying "Having a boyfriend makes you feel beautiful." And I felt like intervening (Of course I didn't, that will be totally rude^^):"Seriously, who needs a boyfriend to prove that you are beautiful/attractive? Girl, lets have some confidence!"
Anyway, I'll skip that part. I really think that I, myself, don't have many friends, but believe me or not, I'm the kind of girl who love to make friends...but somehow I face some problem with ice breaking. I know I'm not an interesting person, not the one that people lay their eyes on and say "Wow, I wanna know her/him" But at least, I tried to be friend. My point is, I sent out many, nearly 30+ sms wishing people happy new year and I only got 6 replies...Its akward(but I really don't know why I felt that way...I mean, I had been through that before, like,years ). Normally, I don't care about that: no matter people wish you happiness or not, you still get to spend your New Year meaningfully, right? Erm...I sent out a whole bunch of sms because I don't like the feeling of being forgotten, and I don't want people to feel that way too. No matter You're my good friend, friends,or even you hate me, or think that I'm wierd...what's the difference?

All in all, today is fun and full of surprises.

Again, Happy Chinese New Year to all!^^

Friday, February 12, 2010


CNY is near! CNY is near! Tomorrow there will be a reunion dinner at Celine's house...And then, maybe I'll be heading to aunt's house on Chu Er. Many many cousins there...let me count: 15. or more? But most of them are not married yet...or else, yeah~ ang pow!^^ So, for now, yeah~ gossip!!(I don't like to gossip much...but hey! It can't hurt.Right?)
I hit on the highway today. Since driving is stressing my brain and every bones and muscles within my body, I took a nap, planing to sleep for a little while. I set my alarm clock to 1 hour later, but it doesn't work.(This never work...) I must confess, alarm clock never work on me...When I am sleeping, don't ever think that you can wake me up easily.(Seriously, I mean it...^^)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Will have my very first driving lesson today...I'm having butterflIES in my stomach now. It will be the first time I get the chance to lay my hand to the stering wheel, and I don't have to "IMAGINE I am driving, slipping into the driver seat while my mom got out of the car to the sundry shop"(I used to do that a lot when I was little). But I heard a lot of stories about some to-be-drivers doing all sort of silly things, for example crashing into bushes, billboard...etc.And I honestly think I might too...I am not good at differentiating directions. Is it because I'm stupid???( but I don't think^^)
The other day, I was playing a so call "psychometrics" (is that the correct translation?) about "How Clever are You?". The result is....I was pretty much a stupid person. I use the word "was" because I don't think I am stupid now. I just felt stupid for taking the silly psychometrical I guess the test result was quite accurate at the moment. I was quite stupid for trying the test.Well, we'll do all type of silly things when we are bored, right? Because honestly, I really do think that we shouldn't rely on all those tests to to tell us who we really "How Attractive Are You To Boys?","What is your Dream job?", "What's your personality?", "Your Fate/Destiny".... One of my friends found them extremely useful and took them as a big deal (Speechless...) but sometimes I took them for some entertainment, I found some of them very amusing.^^

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping spree?

I don't like shopping much. Especially when you already keep on walking for like 4-5 hours and still haven't got anything...It's frustrating. Though, I like to reward myself by buying some really pretty outfits. Yeah, I like shoes very much: from casual flat to glam stilettoes, you name it, I like it.Especially shoes with bright colors,coz' don't you get it? "An electric hue can amp up a look". But, the thing is I am like always destined to wear flats. Coz I may be hobbled by discomfort if I actually wore sky-high sandals or even stilettoes... Sometimes if I wanted height, I'll go for wedges. High heels? That day I just found an incredible pair of high heels at...KLCC? Sunway Pyramid? Midvalley? Garden or Timesquare? I completely forgot. Very exquisite.I like it so...much but have to put it back to the rack I found them. Can you believe it? It's almost RM400 a pair.( It's Charles & Keith.) Maybe some of you think RM 400 is indeed affortable, hey, I recommend this store: Charles & Keith. And for friends that can't really afford them, ( me, for example)you guys can walk in the store to have some fun too...just look at the designs and say "Wow!", then take a look at the price tags and say "Ouch!". But at least, I left the store will a pair of wedges( totally affortable),not empty handed, thank God!and I can't wait to put them on on CNY...
But, I must be honest: Maybe the shoes really worth that much because they are really terrific...I don't know what you all think of them, but I think they are really really great for us( people who is not super rich but still can afford some expensive stuff). I even saw a "Jimmy Choo's" store at KLCC. You know? JImmy Choo? ( how can you not know??!!)I disn't really enter it(might get heart attack)...just took a peep though the window.The stuff in there are great too, frankly, but I have no idea who (other than actress and artists) want to wear them to work and risk the possibility of having a stain on them. The prices are...( lets just skip that part.) However, I am not attending any major events like Oscars or Grammys ( like ...that will ever happen...), So I don't have to be glamorous and put some glitters on... I figures that that type of shoes and bags are classy, but not needed. I better stick to my comfy sneakers and stuff.

A great night with FOOD~~~

These photos were taken after the annual cultural night( I don't even know if "cultural night" is the right translation....but you get me.)
We headed straight to my house for a BBQ and steambot feast right after our orchestra performance. When we reached my house, I still remember there was a big shed set up (you know, the kind for partying). But it's for the weeding going on in the neighbourhood.(Sorry for the burned out excitement guys!!!)Well, we still had our black and white performance dress on. So when we walk pass the wedding, there were people watching us, bewildered, some even wide-eyed as if they just saw a ghost.( Or they thought us and white,without any make-ups? That figures.)
Anyway, we had have a good time. Some even heard JiaSheng sing...that was a great great honour! :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Thinking about the future appears to be tough task for me. I love studying but I’m not sure which course I gonna choose. If there is a chance that I am allowed to take up all courses available in the world, I might! Yeah, I’m crazing about studying...but sometimes It just looks like a grind to me, suffocating me. But sometimes, I love it. Some friends of mine said maybe I just like to torture myself. Yeah, I think so...perhaps.

And on the other hand, I love Music very much too. I think running my fingers on the piano keys with my eyes closed, creating a flow of melody that reflects my feelings at that moment is the most terrific feeling ever. However I’m incredibly lame at recognising I’m not surprised if my sight-reading actually fails. I think music is spontaneous. So, failing sight-reading is not a big deal to me, like I had mentioned it earlier.”I like composing stories, novel, etc... but not reading” My ”philosophy” is the same with music. But, I think I won’t make music my career...I know how tough it will be...unless god wants me to.

Becoming a doctor actually was my ambition since I am six or seven. I’m fascinated with the what doctors do. though, I always thought I am afraid of blood. But after yesterday, I found out that I never afraid of that, maybe I just subconsciously made that up for some reasons...^^
How about an engineer? I’m fascinated by their job too, cause my dad... you know. But somehow, I feel that something is missing. This the such a surreal thinking get me. I just don’t know if it suits me. But I guess if I’m really determined to do this, I’ll stick it out until the end and aim to be the best...hahaz

Making decision is not that easy. I’m feeling kinda like Robert Frost now. I really admire those who know exactly what to achieve in life. They are gifted, really, really gifted.

Okay, to make it easier, lets just cross out the so call “fooling around” course. I mean nearly every parents hope their children will be the best. They have high hopes for us. Well, nearly half of my class wanna be a XXX or YYY when they grow up. But do they really have the enthusiasm? Don’t ask me, I have no idea. It’s like “ I wanna be the best (Career) working at (gigantic international company).” When they were asked “why?”, what do you expect from them? Well, one of the smartest student in our school happens to open up to me. I still can remember his/her words vividly.

“ I don’t know, my friends (who always get lower scores) are going for XXX. so why don’t I follow the same course? I don’t wanna repent 10 years after all this and thought to myself: I used to be smarter than those XXX students.”

As for me, I’ll say:”....lets just think about that after getting our results.”

Well, if this situation persists , I’ll hand it all to fate, let God takes the wheel. You knows? Whatever will be will be. Perhaps I’ll go for the road that is covered by all those bushes( I LoVe challenges) , and leave the road not taken to the other me ( somewhere in a different dimension...I do believe that exist^^) . It might be the most correct decision I ever made...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

=.= , +_+

Erm...It didn't work out "between CianYi and me"...nevermind =.=
Went to Sunway today, went straight up into the Popular with the intention of meeting Celine. Unfortunately, She's off today. Just my luck.
Anyway, saw eevon and Chiayeah instead. My mom noticed eevon's hairstyle, praised her and found out she had her haircut at Vegas. I never went there, but guess I'll give it a try^^
And ah Yeah, at Ogawa, you know, she sells massager and stuff, so of cause we didn't go in. She walks towards the front as soon as she saw us. And guess what, I mom just said this: Oh my god, What a beauty she is! yeah, I think so. She's like the most beautiful student in 2009 Form 5,in my point of view. She's cool, funny,happy go lucky....and quite tough too. It's a shame that some people doesn't see it this way. I mean, seriously!!! Just look at her...flawless!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey, friends!

Yes I'm starting to get bored. I'm the kind of person who like learning new things.
I'm trying hard to seek accompanyment, if not, I'll go alone^^

I love to have some "happy go lucky" sort of person to go with me.Hey, they could really lit my spirit up. So far, I've got yeeMin, good enough, we have been BFFs for nearly 10 years now. And I'm trying real hard to talk Cianyi into attending music lessons with us. I do hope this works out.

I'm really greatful coz I found some of my old friends on facebook.Some, we haven't met for 5-6 years! Unfortunately, Jiawen, one of my best friends in Primary School hasn't accept me yet...maybe she's in National Service??? and hey, Yisiew (or Jess?) grows up to be such a pretty lady ^^

And Thanks so much to Sophie and "Ong Min"(She forgot the YEE. or she purposely dropped it?)for noticing my blog and paid a visit. ^^

Sophie, I commented on your post. Hope you'll like what you see. We are so "one kind".Ong Min, you haven't gave me your add, well, you told me you have just started working on it: GOOD LUCK on that^^

I have to admit, I don't have many friends but all of you are more than enough for me. Coz, I know you all really do care about me, especially like kai ling, sushi,zhenyin, Jolee,Jieyin, suiyean etc.....we spend our time together much...Thanks !!! Love u all.

But, I do love to make mure friends like that...^^

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Typical Wednesday

Wednesday= my brother's favourite day in the whole week. Why? According to him, it's double the FUN. He loves these shows: American Idol, Glee and America's Greatest Dog...back to back. Me? I don't have a specific favourite show. I just watch whatever's on the screen. Yes, I don't care what the show is about...just staring on the screen is satisfying.But I have to admit though, I like to watch reality shows and stuff, coz' people are more "normal". Maybe some success stories, yes, they are inspiring. CSI? Well, it's ok with me too. I seldom have the chance to analyse things, so by watching CSI, I've got the oppotunities.^^And when I'm at home alone sometimes, switching on the television, normally Channel V or MTV is a must. Or else I might start to imagine scary things again....  Oh my god, I have to stop this!!!Watching TV so much is eating up my time...but whatelse can I do??? I mother always says that's an alibi for being lazy...I guess so. And now, since I had made up my mind to take my piano examination,guitar and driving lessons, I will have a lesser time to waste.Erm...That's a good start, right?Well, to be honest, I prefer not having a driving licience.I'm frightened by the fact that we have to follow exactly all the rules on the road and to stay alerted always...Arr!!!!!I'm freaking out now....maybe I'll just hire a chauffeur. Am I out of my mind?? I don't have this much $money$!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

: )

I don't really like to decide my post's title...neither do the title for my stories,poems nor i made up my mind, by simply putting a smiley face there.Cute?Well, talk about cute.Today is a cute day indeed.Why?I woke up in the morning and found the hour needle pointing to eleven.Oh, my god.The main point is, my bunny missed its breakfast...luckily, its a heavy sleeper too. XD I used to think rabbits never sleep but...ah never mind...lets say I'm wrong. Anyway, Yee Min called. I'm quite surprised. She ask me to go tuition with her. Why not? I'm not doing anything besides "watering my mushrooms" (BORED).I went to tanjung. My teacher is like:" WOw, what are you girls doing here?You are supposed to enjoy your holidays!" I guess I want to learn something.In fact, I feel like an idiot goofing off at home while my friend are toiling hard in college!My teacher wonders, will the boys attend his class? Well, according to him, the boys promised him that. But, You know what? I think my teacher is hoping for the impossible. The boys? Don't count on them. They won't turn up, I swear!And, DING DING, we have a winner there: I'm right!
Yee Min told me she's thinking of taking up guitar lessons.It is gonna be fun, I thought, and I volunteered to accompany her.Yes, I have been looking foward to that. God, I love it when my fingers strum across the strings. This sends me humming...he's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar, the only one who's got enough of me to break my heart.
Ya, talking about teardrops on my guitar, I remember when I watched the Grammy this morning.Taylor Swift, oh she's such a sweetheart. An impossible dream she said? Well, if she really do keep those good work up,nothing is impossible,right? It's endearing to see her accepting the awards in such humble way.You go girl!
And Lady Gaga. Erm, she's kinda outrageous...Well, it's good to see that she's brave to be eccentric.Judging by her fashion sense and all that...utterly contemporary. Watching her performance is like going on a rollercoster ride...remember the AMA'S? FIERCE...
Then Sasha took the centre stage. To me, R&B is the most tough genre songs to sing, but Beyonce conquered it, real good, like almost with ease. You've got to be kiddin', she's glamorous, rich, super talented...and whatelse? She got it all! My god, She's the reigning Queen of the music industry^^
All in all, terrific day!