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Japan:Tokudai Soft Cream at Daily Chiko

(Photo credit: Jessica Korteman)
Unicorns and rainbows go in pairs, and now you can be the Unicorn’s BFF! Just order a Tokudai 8 layers rainbow ice cream at Daily Chiko/Chico/Choco (デイリーチコ) !  

Photo sourse: Daily Chiko website

Recommendation: Tokudai Soft Cream (
To order in Japanese, say “tokudai” (meaning: special size)

1.        It is a 8 layers of  soft serves made of every flavor that they offer… yes, EVERY flavour: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, Hokkaido melon, grape, Matcha, Rammune. (Daily Chiko changes its soft serve flavors according to season.)
2.       It rises 20 centimeters off the rim of the waffle cone, and it is unbelievably inexpensive.
It is just a modest ice cream stall, therefore, there are no tables or chairs near Daily Chiko.
I recommend sharing the ice cream:
1. Because it is too big even for 2 person;
2. Melting ice crea stops for no one, so always be thankful there’s someone to help you out!
If you are travelling solo, well they don’t call it the “Giant soft Serve Challenge” for nothing!
Who knows, you might be able to finish it alone
This 8 layered  ice cream  is aesthetically Instagram worthy, but it is so tall that it tips over and fall easily, so hold it straight! And for the record, I’d be deeply depressed  if that happened.

Address: Nakano Broadway shopping centre, floor B1(basement)
Image taken from
Image taken from
1. Take Tokyo Metro Tozai line (T01) to Nakano Station
2. Go out from the station through North Exit
3. Go to Shotengai, walk to the end. You will see the Nakano Broadway building.

4. Go inside Nakano Broadway, take an escalator downstairs to BF1 (escalator on your right, says ”Seiyu”)
5. At the end of the escalator, take a left and go straight
6. After “Oh! 3D Printer” , take a left, then a right
7. “Daily Chico” is on your left. 
If you do get lost, just show a picture of the Tokudai ice-cream to anyone around. It is very popular in the neighbourhood.

Website: Daily Chiko
Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 everyday
Price: extremely inexpensive considering the generous portion.
Small: 250 ¥  cone/ 270 ¥ cup
Medium: 330 ¥  cone/ 350 ¥  cup 
Extra Large: 480 ¥ cone

Fun things to do besides eating a Tokudai Ice cream tower :
1. Watch every flavour being placed on by the staff, building a  ice cream tower.
2. The shop sells small- and medium-sized ice cream as well.
Image taken from
3. For those Anime and Manga fans out there, Rejoice! There is a lot of Mandarake stores upstairs!

Image taken from
4. sushi or tonkatsu hunting in the food alley branching off from the Nakano Sunmall shopping street

So there you go, grab your 8 layers of Happiness next time you are in Nakano! 

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