Sunday, October 25, 2015

Korea: Thunder Bomb at Remicone by no name

The ice cream parlor looks like a white truck/ It is a truck! So you thought to yourself: ah… just another cute shop in Garosugil area? Nope, It’s home to one of the most suspicious looking, bizzare ice cream I’ve ever encounter, yet, AMAZING. Take a look at Dark clouds (Its cotton candy!), tell me what you see: a taste-bud thunder storm is coming your way!
When you stepped into this little shop, you thought you found the wrong place: This looks like a laboratory! Well, stop wasting time and proceed to grab a Thunder , will ya? ;)

Confession: The Thunder clouds reminded me of Cat’s fur, but It’s actually cotton candy! Cotton candy! Cotton Candy!!! (I had to remind myself 3 times… You know, it happens… I had a pet fluffy cat.)

Remicone sells soft serve ice-cream in 3 different flavours: milk, salted caramel and Real chocolate. What makes it so unique? The answer lies in its creative and fun looking toppings. No matter you are in a mood for honey caviar, popping candy, mango macaroons, crepes or hazelnut praline, Remicone has it all.
1. Thunder Bomb!
Personally, I think the ice cream itself is certainly not the best I’ve tasted, but when you eat together with the cotton candy thunder clouds… BOOM! We’ve got a winner! Not only it tasted phenomenal, it is also fun to eat and it’s the experience that counts!
2. Hawaiian Beach

Other Specialties:

Well, if you happens to be in Garosugil, give REMICONE a go!

Address: 547-12 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone Number: +82-2-6207-1029

Direction if you arrive by Metro:
1. Take Seoul Subway line 3 to “Sinsa” station
2. Get out from the station through Exit 8 and walk straight. Once you get to “It’s Skin”, take a left.
3. Keep walking straight until you reach the “Fossil” store.
4. Cross the street, walk into the alley in between.
5. Take a left at the five intersection and walk straight.
6. The store is on your left side. The entrance to the shop is very adorable, you won’t miss it!

Opening Hours: (daily ) 11:00 - 22:00

Price: ~3,500won~7,000won
Payment: Cash, Credit Card is accepted
Facebook: Remicone by No Name 

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