Saturday, September 3, 2016

8 Reasons You Have a Hard Time Making New Friends While Traveling.

There are no secrets in how to make new friends on the road but If you’ve done any of these following mistakes (intentionally or unintentionally), chances are, you won’t be able to keep those new people you meet as friends. 
Please don’t do these if you want to make new friends  

1. Being too rigid with your plans

Be flexible with your plans! This allows you to join in a fun activity with your new friends without having to reschedule the next 50 days! 
During my last Summer trip, my travel partner and I initially did not plan to stay for too long in Geneva. However, we met two cool Australians who asked us to go on a free bike tour with them. Who knew we would spend the next 4 hours biking and finally call it a day with 2 sizzling-hot pots of Cheese Fondue? Good times! 

2. Sticking to your computer or cell phone screen. 

It’s okay to look at your phone once in a while, coz we do live in the 21st century, when cellphones are integrated into our body system. (Some people just couldn’t live without them.) 
But if you appear to be busy on your phone 24/7, no one is gonna come to talk to you, ever. Who knew we might interrupt an online conference of a million dollar business? I don’t think anyone would wanna be that jerk. 
Something wonderful just happened but you were looking at your smartphone. 

3. Showing annoyed face all the time. 

Nope, just nope. We are out of there. If you look intimidating, no one would dare to go near you.  
Remember, no one owes you a million thousand dollar. 
Instead, always put on a smile. Remember the mirror theory? The world will smile back at you if you put on that gorgeous smile. 

4. Don’t bring other people down during a debate

Everyone has different opinions. So try to keep an open mind when talking to others. Engaging in a friendly debate once in a while is fun, but make sure you don’t accidentally say something insulting. If you couldn’t help it, try to avoid the following topics: sex, race, religion, politics etc… 

5. Having preconceptions 

Be careful of what you say about other religion, cultures or countries. 
Once I was talking with a boy in the TV room and everything went well until my country’s official religion came into the picture. “Gosh, aren’t you afraid?” and he started bad-mouthing my own people especially those in hijabs. I tried to explain but he wasn't listening. Well For your information, a true Malaysian in heart would never ever say hurtful things about their friends of different religions/races, wrong move dude.    

6. Limiting yourself to one age-group

Try to make friends regardless of their age. You’ll learn different things from people of different age-groups. 

7. Being closed minded. 

Don’t say no to new experiences. If you haven’t tried camping in the wilderness, say yes when a new friend asks you to tag along. If you do not know how to Couchsurf, let a friend teach you. Don’t shut people off. If you keep an open mind, you will find yourself having more fun then just sticking to the usual tourist path. 

8. Being bossy boots. 

No one like to be ordered around, especially not during travels. 

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