Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Round Off 2016: Most Popular Blogpost This Year

This is a round-off list of the most popular blog posts in 2016. Have you read them? Don't get left out!

1. 22 Travel Scams I Encountered During My Travels and How to Avoid Them. Travel scam

Tourist scams are everywhere nowadays but they are precautions you can take to avoid becoming the next victim!

2. 10 Things To Avoid While Traveling In Japan

Visiting Japan soon? Don't forget to learn about the social norms and culture! Don't be an alien in Japan.

3. Europe Trip: 70 Days 15 Countries Under 3000 € (RM12000+)

You won’t believe how many inbox messages I get daily asking about my 70 days Europe Trip budget and itinerary. Although I only release the more detailed version to Miss Happy Feet's Blog followers, here is an effort to end the copy-and-paste replying routine once and for all. 

4. How to Find the Cheapest Flight Ticket Using Skyscanner?Cheapest flight tickets

This article highlights the feature of flying everywhere in Skyscanner search engine. A step by step tutorial post to help you grab the cheapest tickets!

I will be honest with you. Although I like to travel solo, there are still certain aspect of solo traveling I am (still) struggling with.

6. 21 Illegal Things To Avoid While Traveling In Europethings to avoid in Europe

Be aware of these 21 activities to avoid while traveling in Europe. Some of them may sound harmless but they could get you heavily fined or jailed, hence read up, better safe than sorry

7. Scoring The Cheapest Bus Tickets In The Height of Summer With GoEuro: $ 0.25!bus experience in Europe, GoEuro

Read this if you are traveling Europe on a shoestring budget! This article tells you how you can search for the cheapest ways to travel across Europe, by bus or train!

8. Travel 5 days (hunting Aurora) in Arctic under $22

Are you into hidden gems? There are tons of undiscovered rubies and diamonds in Russia but the best of all? Murmansk, where you can see Aurora for a cheap price. (Price of 2016 January)

9. Misconceptions About Solo Travel (My Take)travel misconceptions

Are you a girl who put your solo travel plans on hold since forever due to fear? Don't worry I've been there too. Speaking from my experience, here are some points that most people get it wrong, and it might just ease your anxiety! 

10. Solution to Visiting Iceland Without a Driver License: Bus PassportIceland Bus

Dreaming of road tripping in Iceland but don't have a driver's license? Pick up a bus passport and let someone professional takes the wheel. Here is how you could enjoy Iceland without a car, without giving up on flexibility. 

11. 3 days in Bangkok

Thailand Food

A detailed sharing on where to go, what to see and how to eat well in the Capital of Thailand. 
Shirakawa-go, a fairytale village in Japan, not far from Tokyo. Read on to find out why it should be included in your bucket list!

I think the most suitable time to travel the world is during university time. In most western countries, people take a gap year to see the world before entering colleges or university. Although in Asians countries this behavior is seen as "future wasting" and most parents would never allow it, you could still travel the world, making the best out of your 2-3 months of Summer holidays. This is how I afford to travel  as a full-time student.

14. How I Spent Only 474$ (RM2092) On A 12-day Round Iceland Trip With A Car: Budget-breakdown and 20 Tips

Why should you rent a car in Iceland? What should you be aware of while renting a car? Venture into the beaten path of Iceland next summer with this budget guide!

15. Las Vegas: 20 Free things you must NOT miss in Vegas

In Las Vegas, to sin or not to sin, is up to you. These are the 20 FREE things you can do if you choose not to.

16. 100 Paris Travel Tips

       Where is my favorite city in the world? Although it’s hard to answer this question, as Paris, the City of Light is the first city in my “100 ___ Travel Tips” series, you know the answer. It might seem cliché, some will even say that it is a highly overrated city and I know their reasons.        Now let me reveal the answer to this mystery. Visit Paris on a day trip hopping from one landmark to another without immersing yourself in the culture, and you will most certainly dislike Paris. But if you take it slow, go past the surface and explore its core, Paris will be the most beautiful city you’ve ever seen. 

17. Quick Guide to Iceland (19 Things you NEED TO KNOW)

Who wouldn't want to visit Iceland? If you are planning a trip to this majestic land of Ice and Fire, here are some tips I discovered during my recent Summer trip. Sharing is caring. 

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