Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Times I Nearly Died During My Travel

This is the kind of articles that remind you to always put safety first!

1. The Petit Train in Avignon

       It all started when a petit train broke down in the middle of a narrow alley. It was blocking everyone's way into the main square so some of the tourists (including me) decided to cross by walking down the narrow space between the train and the building wall. What a huge mistake. To be honest it was fine with thin people. But when the train suddenly moved, things went out of control. 
       The lady hit by the side of the train, turned and squeezed up against me. For one moment, I thought I was going to die as she smashed me against the wall, I could feel my internal organs squeezing out through my esophagus. The next thing I knew, she fell and rolled into the bottom of the train. I thought I am going to witness gruesome death today right next to my feet. 
       Fortunately, the passengers of the train and the passerby screamed loud enough and caught the attention of the train operator. He stopped the train right before it ran over her body.
       I was shooting a video moments before the incident. When I got back to the hotel, I was shocked to discover the whole footage of the incident on camera.

2. The Bear in Kaibab National Forrest

       When we were camping in Kaibab National Forrest, our campsite was visited by an unwelcome visitor. All of us stayed still as the bear sniffed all over the place. It was so dark we couldn't identify whether it was a grizzly or a black bear. My American travel buddy quickly shouted something out loud, praying that it was a black bear. Fortunately, it was and the bear left. If it were to be a grizzly, I would not survive to tell the story.

3. Tour Guide Trouble 

       During my first solo travel, my tour guide offered to send me to the airport after a day trip. Since it was late and the metro closes down at 11pm, I took up his offer. I realized things were going towards the wrong direction when he drove pass the airport without stopping. 
       Luckily I took precaution by taking a photo together with him and uploaded it to Facebook despite him telling me not to. I knew he wouldn't go overbroad. He ended up circling the town (we passed through the airport 4 times) before eventually dropping me off at the airport. Nothing happened in the end but my heart never pounded that fast.

4. Camping near Bryce Canyon 

       Once when I camped near Bryce Canyon in Utah, USA, the temperature fell beneath the freezing point in the wee hours. My sleeping bag saved my life. 

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5. Traveling With The Wrong Person

       Of course I am exaggerating things, including this in a "near death experience " list. But anyone who is "lucky" enough to undergo this situation can definitely relate to this. 
       All those suicidal thoughts after realizing the fact that you sabotaged your own supposedly perfect trip by inviting this one guy/girl on your trip... I died a thousand million times inside in a day. 
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Andrew Boland said...

the first one must have been so shocking! so lucky the driver could stop in time