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WAKING UP IN: The Time Capsule Retreat, Sungai Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia.

      Sungai Lembing recently became a hit destination among locals, so we at Miss Happy Feet decided to check it out. Traveling in the country is cheap, and the journey from Kuala Lumpur only takes 3 hours, most importantly, it can be done during a weekend. So, why not? 
time capsule retreat sungai lembing
      For our 3-days-2-night weekend escape in Sungai Lembing, Pahang, we checked into the Time Capsule Retreat, one of Malaysia's most famous hotel that went viral on the internet a few months ago. 

time capsule sungai lembing

The Location

      Conveniently located in town, just a stone throw away from the main street, the Capsule Retreat is a good base to explore the small town. The Kampung atmosphere of the place is heartwarming, people are friendly and there are plenty of good food to hunt down! 
sungai lembing

The rooms

A) The Parallel Series
      With all those hypes about the capsule series, the parallel series is often forgotten. Little did we know, it is the first reflective rectangular glass retreat in the world
time capsule retreat parallel
      The concept of a cylinder container turned into a compact and cozy room caught my attention. At the first sight of the parallel rooms, I immediately fell in love! The exterior looked mysterious and the scenery surrounding it was beautifully reflected on the glasses.
time capsule retreat sungai lembing
      Surrounded by lush greenery, our room featured soul-healing forest view, Perfect for some ZEN sessions away from the hustle and bustle of the city! Well, you see, the interior was so cool and comfortable that I faced huge difficulty waking up the next morning! Believe me, I wouldn’t want to leave the bed if I don’t have to! However, with all the activities lining up for the day, I unwillingly dragged myself out of bed… How I wished I’d booked an extra day just to have a lazy morning lying on the bed while looking out of the window! 
      My room was equipped with air-conditioner, bed sheets and the curtains were clean… and a h-u-g-e bonus? There was a jacuzzi outside my door! In the morning, the soft lightning penetrated into our room through the glasses, making the room so photogenic… definitely an insta-worthy moment! 

B) The Capsules Series
time capsule sungai lembing
      Apart from the Parallel Series, here is another more well-known room type in the Retreat-- the capsules. We did not stay in the capsule as it was all booked up for the weekend, but we were given an opportunity to tour around and experience being inside the capsules for some time, just to have an idea what's it's like to sleep in one. 
capsule sungai lembing
      Things turned even more interesting when the capsules were lighted up at night… they looked so dreamy and romantic I just had to take some photos playing with the lights! Well, I can’t help it!    

The Facilities 

      Guests are allowed to use the facilities in the house such as Karaoke and BBQ area. The common area can be found in the living room of the old house, previously inhabited by the family of the owner. The karaoke system is well kept and maintained, but there were only a few VCDs available so, feel free to bring your own VCD to sing to. The retro ambiance reminded me of my childhood and I enjoyed it a lot.
      BBQ will be set up upon guests’ request. Bring your own ingredients and have fun throughout the night!

The Service

      During my stay, the curtain railing was broken so I complaint this to the front desk. The owners are very friendly in my opinion while their staffs were okay. They don’t act super sweet to you but they are generally polite. Well as long as they do their job and take good care of the guests, I have nothing to complain about.

The Activities

      Two nights -- definitely needed in Sungai Lembing, at the least! Because all the exciting activities are certainly gonna wear you out. 
      Time Capsule Retreat helps guests to register for hiking tours (the Lembing hills or the Rainbow Waterfalls) at a fixed price. Guests will be picked up early in the morning in front of the lobby. Since I had only a very limited time, I had chosen to visit the Rainbow Waterfall.

Continue Reading: 
sungai lemming rainbow waterfall

Some Friendly Advices

1. As the property is surrounded by jungle, a lot of situations are unavoidable. (No, I am not talking about wild animals roaming the property… so don’t worry!) There will be broken branches around laying around, bugs, mosquitos… hence, comparison to hotels in the cities shouldn’t be done. This accommodation is more about the concept— being closer to mother nature.    
2. As I mentioned above, there will be mosquitos and mosquitoes coils weren’t provided so do prepare some insect repellant if you think you attract Mosquitos (you know… some people tend to get targeted but fortunately not me, I guess my blood is just not delicious enough). 
3. If you are going to hike Rainbow Waterfalls, bring a waterproof bag and some salt to kill the devilish leeches! 
capsule sungai lembing

To reserve your Capsule/Parallel series rooms, visit the Time Capsule Retreat’s website. Prior reservation is strongly recommended. 

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy Sungai Lembing as much as I do!

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