Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I attended CLB cultural night last Saturday.
Basically, we paid RM 15 to get in and chat+sleep+ facebooking using the school's wireless network...
Tat How still looks like a bamboo, nothing change.

The programme that I like the most is . I mean, who don't?
Although they didn't do Air Flare, their skills are still amazing. ^^

Then I love the wind orchestra's performance. Especially
(although I have been listening to the same melody over a hundred times.... still love it ^^)

by the choir was presented in a cReATiVe way. Thumbs up from me! =)
The idea of Card Board animals was a hit, way to go. =D

Well, watching juniors performing on stage was indeed a first time experience for me.
Kinda miss those days when we were the performers on stage instead of being an audience.
But when we were on stage back then, tense and worrying about our performance ,
we wished we were the audiences. 

Life is full of contradictions =D

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羽鳥海斗 Hatori Kaito said...

i cant believe i missed it==

and it's only 1 week apart. cant believe it OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG