Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, Raja Uda!!! ^^

Sushi came to fetch me with his Merz!! haha...
We went back to school to meet with the rest of the gang: Zhenyin, Wanyi, Suiyeen.
The funny thing was... my juniors can't recognise me... T.T
... I'll put the blame on my funny hairstyle...

It took us nearly 10 minutes to finally found a parking spot.
This pretty much proved that Raja Uda is a buzy buzy street indeed.
and the food? the Best of the Best ! ^^
Miss Raja Uda's Hokien Mee sooooo much!!!!! XD

Sushi (Mr Driver) eating his Cendol.... =)

Lol... I haven't seen Wanyi and Suiyeen for a long long time.
Wanyi is studying in Singapore under Singapore scholarship. Congratz congratz congratz!!! =)
She'll become a caring nurse in the future for sure...
(although I was quite surprised she choose to take up this profession)

Suiyeen, Zhenyin and Sushi are doing STPM.
You guys will definitely nail it!!! GAMBATE (x infinity)!!!
We talked about "important" things like "The future of CLB" and "Our School's reputation"...zzz (some rumor spreading in facebook... or should I say scandal??? Haiz...=.=)
and some way too UNIMPORTANT things like "a little SOMEONE blocked Sushi in MSN"...
and ... other things. ^^

We simply must take photo with Wanyi's masterpiece!!! ^^

Sushi actually wanna make this his facebook profile pic!!!

So... today is not so boring after all!!! XD


羽鳥海斗 Hatori Kaito said...

seeing ur raja uda mee, it reminds me so much of home =)

yes i miss all of u too^^ but too bad when i am back u r oredi in college d~cant meet.

maybe year end?

Good luck on everything la, be thankful u r home, coz once u go Russia i bet u'll have the same feeling as me lor ^^

Vivian said...

Hey, but i think in Perth, there is a "TONG YAN KAI", won't there be any Hokien Mee? but of coz Mee in Penang are way better ^^

Erm, maybe end of this year we will meet gua... I will try to get back =D

Thanks, Hatori. =)
Sure I'll miss home...
My holiday will just be 1 month...
and maybe I won't be coming back during CNY... T.T