Monday, June 22, 2015

1 week in Tokyo - Day 7: Ueno

What is Interesting in Ueno?

Today we just went to Ueno for exhibitions. 
There are a lot of nice exhibitions here compared to Malaysia, but you have to know Japanese, since the explanations are all in Japanese and translation in English is only for the title.

We ate Ichiran Ramen as lunch at Atré Ueno, we gave the ramen 95 out of 100. The 5 marks is for the large portion, Jane couldn’t finish hers XD

At night, I planned to bring Jane to Saizeriya or Kura-sushi, but there were very long queue at both restaurant. We ended up eating Korean Meat Barbeque.
There’s nothing special enough to be mentioned today. Thus, I will write about 3 convenient things for traveling in Japan XD

1st: Konbini (abbreviation for Convenient Store in Japan)
You can find Konbini every few minutes like Sunkus, Lawson, Family Mart, Seven Eleven etc. I always buy their fried chicken and onigiri (rice dumplings), but beware that the things in Konbini are expensive.

2nd: Jidohanbaiki (Vending Machine)
Jane found vending machines in Japan interesting on the first day, and took photos when she saw them.
There are huge varieties of product you can buy using Jidohanbaiki (refer to if you are interested), but till now, I only saw Jidohanbaiki for soft drinks, ice-cream, cigarette and snacks.

3rd: Cup Noodles
Compared to cup noodles in Malaysia, I love the cup noodles in Japan so much. There were dried prawn inside when I had my first cup noodle here. The second one is the yakisoba (literally fried noodle) cup ramen. There is a corner with holes, specially for us to sieve our noodles.

Fried Chicken from Konbini, Pepsi from Jidohanbaiki, Yakisoba Cup Ramen XD

Since we didn’t buy any Traveler Sim Card (if you are going to you may check on B-mobile Visitor Sim) or Pocket Wi-fi, we got lost nearly everyday (Haha XD), but could eventually find our destination with the help of the map near the station exit and by asking anyone wearing UNIFORM (a stereotype which we think those who wear uniform will know the place well XD). It was exhausting to go astray everyday and walking all the way to your destination by asking for the road, but I felt that this experience was much more precious and interesting than all my previous CONVENIENT trips before.
And here ends my blog of 1-week trip in Tokyo.
Please leave comments or questions here. I will visit this blog and reply. Thank you.

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