Monday, June 22, 2015

1 week in Tokyo - Day 5: Tokyo Tower, Imperial Theatre, Owl Café, Odaiba

This morning we had a brunch at a café near Tokyo Metro Minami-Senju Station. Then we went to Tokyo Tower. There was a One Piece shop inside just right in front of the entrance. So we just went in and shopped. Haha.
Crossing to Tokyo Tower!
 Then we went to Owl Café near Tsukishima Station to book for 2pm session. (Today it opens at 2pm, booking starts 1 hour prior to opening time). After that, we went to Imperial Theatre. We took the wrong exit at Yurakucho Station, and walked a big turn around the building >.<
Imperial Theatre
We reached Owl Café at 1:55pm. So this is the Owl Café.
Owl Cafe
We paid 2000JPY for 1 hour, including one drink and one souvenir. After we sat down, we had to order a drink and listen to shop owner’s briefing in Japanese, but they did provide English version handout for us. There were owls which are still under training or on off-day. Besides, they divided the area to big owl area and small owl area, since the big owls might scare the small owls. Big owls and small owls are not allowed to be brought to other area, while medium-sized owls are allowed to be brought to both areas.


After 3pm, I rushed back to my university for other event, while Jane went to Odaiba. She went to Fuji TV and went up to the ball-shaped viewing area. She was so tired so she returned to the hotel before the Rainbow Bridge fully light up.
Fuji TV

Gundam in front of Diver City

Replica of the Statue of Liberty with the rainbow bridge at the back

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