Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Stay in a Hotel for FREE: 10 Golden Rule when booking a Hotel/ Hostel Room

1. FREE Hotel Stay (Promotion) 

This is your thing if you are into some FREE/Partly Free luxury. Treat yourself: Give your feet and back a good rest! Click on the Orange links below!

Stayful Boutique Hotels
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- HotelTonight
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- HotelQuickly
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2. Stay Loyal! 

Booking site is probably the most popular way of booking accommodation. There are so many booking sites out there, you’ve probably done this: used booking.com to book for a room tonight and hostelbookers.com for another night. Don’t worry, I’ve done this too.

Later on, I found that there are perks by staying loyal to only one website:
1. You get "secret deals" up to 50% off regular rate
2. You get extra discount if you are a regular customer
     eg: I am currently a “Genius level” customer on Booking.com.

3. Last minute booking

For those who can take the thrill and handle stress well, this is one of the most spot on tactics for landing a cheap hostel deals! However, this only work during low season. During peak season/ summer time/ school holidays, there are higher risk that the hotel might be fully booked (unless you don't have a specific hotel in mind)

- HotelTonight
Use the promo code MHAPPYFEET and get $25 free stay! Download the app here.

- HotelQuickly
Use the promo code HMBRS and get $10 free stay!

4. Walk in 

I call it a "psycho way" to get cheap rates, but again, it only works during low season. Simply walk in at night asking for room rates. Remember, do not bring in your luggage. You will have higher chance of getting a good discount because either they let you stay with a discount or they'll have to leave the room empty. Although it doesn't work well with large-chain.

5. Purchase packages

Have you ever book a flight through search engine like expedia and skyscanner? If your answer is yes, then you should be familiar with that little pop-out window asking if you want to combine your flight with airport transfer/car rental/ hotel room..etc.

6. Cash Back websites

What is this: 
a Malaysian cash back website for all the best deals.
eg: Lazada up to 95% off
      Hostel booked through Booking.com RM40 Cash Back
      Hotel booked through Agoda RM40 Cash Back

What is a Cashback?
A cash back is cash refund after a purchase. For example, when you book a hotel on Agoda, you'll pay RM220 and they will refund you RM40. So in the end, you only pay RM 180 for a room worth RM220.
To claim a cashback, you have to make the purchase through Shopback

7. Reward Points 

If you are a frequent flyer, do not ever tempted to exchange your points for merchandice you might not even need! Exchange it for miles or a free hotel stay! If you are not yet a frequent flyer of any flight company, sign up and be one today! It cost you nothing to register and it reward you with miles everytime you fly! Likewise, a credit card helps you to accumulate points while you spend and those points can turn into a free night in a 5 star hotel!

The Rocketmiles is a hotel booking site that helps you earn credits and eventually turn into free stay!
Sign up here to earn free 1000 miles as a good start!

Kaligo is another booking site which you can redeem miles from multiple airline companies and hotel chains! Sign up here to earn free 1000 miles on first booking

8. Avoid high season and busy periods bookings.

Do I even have to include this as a rule? However, this only apply to those who have the privalage of having day off  outside standard holiday periods or students taking a gap year.

9. Rent a place from a local hosts.

Vacation Rental-- the thing that I'll do when I travel with family or a group of friends. You can even rent the whole apartment and enjoy all the facilities and privacy. For even quirkier options: choose to stay in a castle, a box, a boat, a tree house and igloo... you name it, they have it! Its all about the experience.

get $20 free rental by signing up here 

get $50 free stay by signing up here

get $10 free stay by signing up here

To get an even more local experience, try Couchsurfing.com.

10. Buy someone's unused booking or sell yours at Roomer

It sucks when your plan is messed up. But instead of sulking at the corner, you should have a plan B. We all know that hostel/motels on the road ain’t cheap so it is a smart move booking in advance. But if plans come crashing down, “Roomer” have you covered. This app helps travelers sell their prepaid reservations to people who can actually use them. They get their discount rate and you get part of your money back. It is a win-win situation!

Thank You for Reading! 
This post is based solely on my personal experience. 
 If you have a different opinion, or more suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below!


Jason said...

Hey great tips, thank you! I just booked a stay in Vienna for 1 week for less than half the price! I am quite surprise it works though! My Travelmate keep telling me this post is a scam but guess it prove then m wrong!

Btw, keep up the good work. I subscribed to your website, looking forward to reading more exciting stuff.

Yeen said...

Termina kasih banyak banyak!! Lots of love from Siangapore!