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Accommodation in New York is expensive. Although not as expensive as San Francisco, you still have to pay at least $50 for a hostel bunk bed. While staying in one of the most famous boutique hotels in New York is something I would like to do someday, let's stick to budget travelling for now... A smarter move is to stay out of midtown Manhattan.  Here are a few great choices:

1. Consider other borough of New York!

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  • Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark (PATH train takes you directly to Midtown)
  • Queens (easy trip into Manhattan via subway)
  • Brooklyn (connected to  Manhattan by the Brooklyn Bridge)
  • If you don’t mind the distance to transfer, consider Staten Island! (Some hostel/hotels have their own free shuttle service to the port, where a free Ferry will take you to Manhattan.) 

2. Stay with Locals, Airbnb and Couchsurfing are a great choices if you are interested to see the city through the eyes of the locals (IF your host is friendly) . However, it is not easy to get a couchsurfing host in New York. Try anyway, who knows you are in luck!

Read more: The 10 Golden rules to safe on Airbnb? .

3. Stay with a Friend/Relative

Have a friend/ relative in town? Why not have a reunion? It's a win win situation.

4. Something Different

Ever thought of Camping out in Cental Park? No no, I am not saying that you should just pitch a tent in the Park, that's illegal. If you are looking for something different and you are feeling lucky, participate in the lottery for a near-to-nature program by the Urban Park Rangers. If you do get a spot, I bet that will be such a memorable experience.

5. Fresh Air

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If you have a car, felling adventurous and do not mind the 40-60 minute drive into/out of New York City, check out these cool spots where you can sleep under the stars and cook over an open flame.... Crazy you say? Remember, YOLO....
  • Floyd Bennett Field (Brooklyn:Gateway National Recreation Area )
  • Fort Wadsworth (Staten Island)
  • Harriman State Park (Bear Mountain Circle, Ramapo)

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