Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Iceland: Helicopter Tours In Reykjavik

I had a couple of things in mind that I have always wanted to do but have been postponing due to reason(s). However,  I figured that I was going to cross this one out of the list now— a helicopter ride. Because where else could be a better place than Iceland to have my first ever helicopter ride? I booked my helicopter tour with Nordurflug Helicopter Tours due to their number one ranking on TripAdvisor (Helicopter Tours In Iceland) . 
Reykjavik helicopter tour
My Reykjavik Summit tour was scheduled on my first day in Iceland at 5.15pm, hence right after picking up my camping gears from Iceland Camping Equipment Rental, I walked straight to Nordurflug's office on Nauthólsvegur 58D. It rained a little in the morning but the sky looked promising in the evening, with a rainbow in sight, Amen! The ground team greeted us warmly. They were welcoming and professional, making sure that I was well informed about the nature of the tour, let me sign the safety form and advised me on my clothing. Too bad I didn't get to meet Eva, the one who kept in touch with me since the first email.  

It was my first time on a helicopter and I honestly had no idea what to expect. I was nervous of flying, at the same time looking forward to taking on the challenge. There was another family of 3 together with me on this flight. After meeting with the pilots, having a short chat, we were informed that the helicopter was ready and we were good to go. 

Only 30 seconds after take off, I was already impressed with the amazing bird's eye view over Reykjavik. Totally mesmerized! The tour enabled me to look at the entire city from a whole new different angle and before I realized it, we were already flying above the outskirts of Reykjavik, looking at some of the most spectacular landscape in Iceland. 
Iceland Nordurflug helicopter tour
Iceland helicopter tour

Our pilots were 2 highly experienced folks with excellent flying skills and knowledgeable about Icelandic landscape. Thanks to them, we experienced smooth take-offs and landings, and they kept checking on us at the back, making sure that we were feeling good all that while. I felt that I was in good hands and I never for a second felt safe from the start to finish. As we were flying above the craters and cracks, the pilots gave us some interesting insights on the geology of Iceland. Soon, we landed on top of an extinct volcano with red lava soil. The unobstructed vista of the nearby landscape was incredible, giving me tons of great photo opportunities. Too bad the trip only last about 50 minutes.
Iceland helicopter
Iceland crack
Iceland crater

It was such a terrific way to start our week long trip in Iceland. Thank you, Nordurflug Helicopter Tours for the memory! 


1. Warm clothes is a must because it gets cold up in the air. 
2. Your tour might be rescheduled due to weather constraints. However, communication is great and the staff will update you about the weather and potential flight from time to time. If you are keen, the tour arrangements are quite flexible. However, If nothing works out, a refund will be granted. 
3. Reykjavik is one of the most colorful cities on earth! :D

Going to Iceland? 

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Miss Happy Feet was a guest of Nordurflug, however, all opinion and pictures are my own. 

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