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After camping out in the wilderness of Iceland for a full week, I’ve lived my wildest dream. Finally, it was time to get back into reality and I am glad that the Galaxy Pod hostel was there to help me with the transition. I stayed at the Galaxy Pod hostel for a day before catching my flight out of Iceland. I did quite an extensive research on the hostels in Reykjavik, the more I read, the more I felt assured that this was the best hostel to spend my last night in Iceland, and so, I clicked the "Reserve" button… 


My reservation did not go smooth at first. I encountered troubleshoot with my debit card and the problem was politely addressed by the hostel staff via email. I spoke to 2 different staffs regarding this matter and both of them were very accommodating. The problem was solved in no time.  

Check In

I arrived about 5 pm after an interview session which involved local beer tasting. I admit that I was not in the best condition while checking-in (guilty!) and I couldn’t even find the debit card I used for the reservation but the receptionist was kind enough to let me rest first. He showed me all around with all the details covered briefly. I returned to the reception to present my card after a quick 2 hours nap and I noticed that the receptionist was having a cold, however, he did not allow this to interfere with his job.  
Kind reminder: 
Reception is not open 24 hours. So if you are going to arrive late to the hostel, be sure to send a message to the management. They will put your keys in an envelope along with clear instructions at the reception. 


The Galaxy Pod hostel is conveniently located on the main road, Laugavegur street, near a bus stop. The harbor and the center are about 15 minutes walk away. Frankly, they do not have much to offer on that end of the street, but a Pizza place can be found about 5 minutes away and guests do their grocery shopping at supermarket "Kronan" just across the road. Flybus from Keflavik Airport drops passengers off at the door.

The Hostel

The quaint hostel is located on the 3rd floor of a building. Combining great ambiance, welcoming staffs, budget-friendly price tag, and a good vibe, it has everything a traveler needs. Although the hostel does not organize events or activities for their guest, it is still pretty easy to meet other travelers. The lobby featuring a huge window and comfortable sofas immediately left a good first impression. I was told that guest can even witness Aurora here during the in-season. 

The Pod

        I reserved space pods to try out the seemingly cool feature. Turn out, they are not only cool, they are very practical as well! The room was extremely spacious and well infiltrated by sunlight. We were given magnetic cards to access to the room, safe cabinets, and the individual pods. 
        Just with one sliding door movement, I enjoyed a great sense of privacy. All the pods are well equipped, with a number of lighting options, an international power socket (works with any country plugs), 2 USB charging ports, alarm clock as well as an air conditioning for ventilation. There are safe cabinets assigned to everyone, opened electronically with the magnetic card, and if more sense of security is needed, you will be delighted to know that each pod comes with an additional locker. What’s more? If you have a huge luggage with you, ask to use the luggage store. However, If you don't like being in a confined space, don't book this, get a normal bunk bed instead.
        Although the rooms itself are very bright, just slide the pod divider close and you will be able to shut out the lights. Enjoy the luxury of total darkness in broad daylight! This feature is extremely useful for those having problems with their circadian cycle due to jet-lag or the midnight sun (in June-July.)
       The wifi connection was excellent, working well everywhere in the hostel but it got slower in the evening.  
Reykjavik Hostel
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Reykjavik Hostel

Reykjavik Hostel


The number of bathrooms was sufficient for a number of people they take in, I did not have to wait for my turn. There are shower cubicles with separate changing areas so that you can keep your clothes perfectly dry while enjoying your hot shower. The floor was spotless and dry, free toiletries of various brands (left by travelers) were arranged neatly on the rack. If you need to rent a tower, it will cost you 500Kr. Shower caps and a hairdryer were available in front of the huge mirror. 
Kind reminder: 
1. This is a mix-gender bathroom. 
2. Showers are busy in the morning hours after 8am


Reykjavik HostelKitchen

       There are a large fridge and a food shelf next to it. Travelers are welcome to store their food here but make sure you label your stuff with sticky notes (you can find them by the microwave). There are a lot of shared food left behind by travelers, as well as free milk, tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate, cereal and müsli provided 24/7 by the hostel management. 
       During our stay, we managed to make stuffed toast sandwich using the free ingredients we found, including bread, butter, cheese, ham, salad, eggs and all kinds of sauce.
        The kitchen was also equipped with a microwave, toaster, coffee machine, dishwasher and a hot water boiler. Cutleries like plates, bowls, and cups were readily available on the top shelf. 
Kind reminder: 
1. The hostel does not have a stove but it is possible to cook pasta in the microwave and prepare a kick-ass sandwich with the toaster. (tested and proved!)  
2. The hostel sells yogurt, juices, and sandwiches if you fancy some.  

Reykjavik Hostel
Reykjavik Hostel
Reykjavik Hostel

Other Facilities and Services

       There is a TV room with projector, Play Station and a stock of films. If you need some guidance on the attractions in Reykjavik, head to the reception to pick up some leaflets and maps. If time allows, ask the staff for recommendations and they’ll be happy to walk you through the capital on the map.
        You can also count on the staff to help rent a car or book a tour. If you are renting a car, there are ample free parking spaces in front of the building or at Kronan.
Side incident: 
I lost my memory card in the room with 4GB worth of photos and videos (you know how important they are to me as a travel blogger)! I only realized that in the airport so I quickly gave them a call. The girl at the reception promptly searched the area I described and found the SD card on the floor. The content of the card was shared to me by the owner of the hostel through DropBox a couple of days later. From the incident, it was clear to me that the customer support at the Galaxy Pod hostel is top notch, with a highly responsive Facebook page and dedicated staffs.        


As someone who had stayed in a decent number of hostel across the globe, I rate this hostel 10/10. Overall, it is definitely an excellent budget option for pricey Reykjavik.
Kind reminder: 
book well in advance and remember to request for a space pod (limited) if that’s what you want. 

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Miss Happy Feet was a guest of Galaxy Pod Hostel. However my opinion is as always, strictly my own.

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