Wednesday, October 19, 2016

13 Useful Phrases Every Traveler Needs To Know

When traveling abroad, especially to non-English speaking countries, you might feel lost and helpless at times. It's normal and I understand, I've been there too. 
I once thought English is the international language and I'll be okay traveling across Europe but -- Oh what a huge surprise! Especially in some part of France, Germany, Poland, Czech and Hungary, I needed to use a lot of body languages, google translate and thank God I managed to get around places in Central Europe with my broken Russian. After my experience in France, I went on to practice a few useful phrases before arriving at a new destination. Although I highly suggest everyone to download the Offline Google Translator, we couldn't count on it 24/7. What if your battery went flat when you needed help? Hence, it is wise to learn some common phrase in the case of emergency. 

Here is a list of 13 useful travel phrases to pick up before packing your bags (or after, doesn't matter as long as you learn! ):  

1. Thank You.
2. Hello/ Good Day!
3. Please.
4. I need help/ Can you please help me?  
5. Where is the (Train Station/ bus station/ bathroom)?
6. How do I get to (Place)?
7. How much is this?
8. Excuse me/ I am sorry.
9. I don’t understand.
10. I am lost.
11. I am hurt.
12. Can you please call the (Police/ Ambulance/ Hotel/ Embassy)?
13. I am allergic to _. 

Also, if you have a medical condition, it is important to write in down on a card in local languages, and put them in your purse... somewhere within arms' reach so that you can make the information available to those helping you during an emergency. 

Knowing some words in local tongues goes a long way.  And in most cases, locals will appreciate your effort.

If anyone would like to learn a new language in depth (besides English), I'd suggest taking up Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Russian or Arabic. (Suggesting according to my experience. I speak Mandarin and Russian, learning French and German as well!) 

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This post is based solely on my personal experience. If you have more useful phrase to add, feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below!

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