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13 Road-Tested Packing Tips From Yours Sincerely

Packing is the final step of trip planning, but at the same time, it is also the vital beginning point of an unforgettable journey. It takes the pivotal position in every trip and I believe everyone had been through it: pacing back and forth thinking what else to pack and how to pack (your whole room) into a small carry-on bag. So I thought it might be a good idea for me to share out all the basic packing rules I’ve been sticking to since I first journeyed abroad. Introducing these 13 road-tested packing tips, if you like them too, share this with your friends, because sharing is caring

1: Choose A Suitable Bag

The ideal bag is light weight, sturdy, with plenty of compartments. I prefer a low-key boring looking backpack as it is less likely to attract thieve then designer suitcases. If you are taking budget airlines like the Ryanair or easy jet, size is crucial. Always check out their luggage policy and measure your bags to make sure they fit the descriptions. 

2: Know Your Limits 

Some airlines charge you big bucks at the gate if you exceed their weight limits. The extras are calculated as per kg. For example, you’ve exceeded 4kg and the fee is €10 per kg, you’ll have to pay €40. If you are well aware that you’ll definitely exceed the limits, pay for an extra bag online (much cheaper)! Always check the airline’s baggage policy before starting to pack. What can you do if your only find out that luggage is overweight at the airport? Consider putting on one or two of your heaviest outfit and take out toiletries (you can buy them in local stores once you reach your destination). 

3. Construct A Packing List

Write down a list of “things to pack”, and check them one by one a day prior to the trip. If you have no idea how to make one, refer to my previous post here: What to Pack For a Summer In Europe. 

4: Pack Earlier

Stop procrastinating. There is no “too early” when it comes to packing, only “too late”. Always pack at least 3 days ahead of your departure date. That gives you plenty of time to brainstorm and purchase items you might miss out. And it reduces the risk of forgetting some important stuff, for example, your passport! 

5: Choose Garments To Pack

When choosing your holiday's outfit, think: 

  • Is it versatile? — A nice casual one piece dress can be turned into a top, and long sleeve button up shirts can be doubled up as a coat. You'll get a whole new different #ootd photo with the same pieces. 
  • Will it dry easily? — Stay away from cotton because it absorbs moisture and takes too long to dry. 
  • Will it easily wrinkled? -- Stay away from high maintenance outfit. 
Besides, You don’t have to go overboard with clothes because "washing machines" exist! Just do your laundry every 4-5 days and you’ll have a new set of clean clothes to wear. 

6: Follow a Packing System

Some people prefer packing and organizing their stuff using compression cubes. This is actually a good idea, but since I do not have the budget to invest in one, I opt for a backpack with the most compartment. Then I fit everything into the backpack and arrange them according to compartments. This helps to separate different items so that we’ll have quicker access to things.

7:  Roll them up like Sushi!

There are 2 obvious advantages to rolling up your clothes: Firstly, they take up less space. Secondly, it prevents your clothes from getting wrinkled and creased so that you don’t have to bring along a travel iron. To take this packing tips to the next level, you can also put your rolled clothes into a vacuum compression bag, which effectively save up a lot more space. 

8: Carrying liquids

Be careful what you are putting into your carry-on luggage. Gels, creams, pastes and any other objects in liquid form must be contained in small bottles (maximum 100ml per item). Then, place them into a re-sealable plastic bag. Easy upgrade: to prevent anything from spilling, take the lids off and add a layer of cling-film before sealing the lids again. 

9: Organizing Electronics

We all know that annoying moment when you have to dig into your bags and take out all your nicely pre-arranged electronics at the security check. Once past the security check, we normally stuff them back in (brutally) in order not to hold the line. So, to make your life easier, arrange all electronics into a separate organizer bag/plastic bag

10: Fill dead space.

After packing in all your essentials, it's time for dead space filling because well, every little inch of suitcase space is precious. Now stuff in your accessories, an extra pair of sandals, fragile items (with all the clothes cushioning them)…

11: Potpourri and Laundry bag 

If you are on a long trip, it is a good idea to throw in a pack of potpourri just to keep things fresh. Also, it is important to pack in a laundry bag so that you would’ have to put your worn clothes together with the clean ones and risk stinking up your whole bag. 

12: Security! 

Always make sure that you bring a padlock to lock your bags and label your bags with luggage tags. 

13: Never ever forget about the essential items

I recommend keeping your valuable and documents in your personal item bag, not the cabin bag. Always keep those important things within arms' reach. Hence, do not waste your personal item allowance with a small bag. Bring a large one (within the airlines’ measurements) and put it to good use.

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