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Aesthetic Experience Sharing: Where to get Botox / Filler Injection in Malaysia and How was it?

       After months and months telling my mum about this great clinic that've been teaching me much about Aesthetic, I finally brought her to one of the interactive sharing sessions at the Premier Clinic Puchong Branch. This time, it is all about Botox and Filler injections in Malaysia. 
Botox / Filler Injection in Malaysia

       If you are interested in Aesthetic but do not know where to start, attending one of these talks is a great way to expose yourself to the topic. The event started off with light refreshment. 
Botox / Filler Injection workshop in Malaysia
Botox / Filler Injection workshop in Malaysia

       After a brief introduction of Premier Clinic and some elaborated slides about Botox/ Derma Filler Injection by our knowledgable doctor, Dr Michelle Lai, we were given a chance to grab freebies as the audiences actively took part in the QnA session. Then, everyone proceeded to the treatment room to watch live demonstration of the procedures! Clearly, we should not trust everything that we heard, so what is better than watching it live? Premier clinic is very thoughtful when it comes to clearing doubts and fear we might have as a customer/ potential customer. This is why I trust them. That's not all, usually after the event there will be a lucky draw session, so be sure to stay til the end! 
cosmetic surgery in Malaysia
cosmetic surgery in Klang Valley
Botox Filler injection in Klang Valley

       I was engaged to share about the lip plumping (Derma Filler Injection into the lips) story in Premier Clinic, while my friend HanWen from shared his experience on Botox. I was quite impressed with the progress he made after almost a month after his jaw reduction botox injection. For more info, kindly wait for the release of the article on his website.
       Due to the time constrain, I only can tell the audiences bits and fragments. I promised to post a more comprehensive, complete story about getting filler injection in Malaysia and here it is:    

       To start this story off, I have to admit that although I knew that I am not ugly, I have quite a low self esteem that urged me for plastic surgery at the back of my mind. I didn't always feel this way growing up, it only started some point in life when I was social-bullied, and no matter how hard I tried to stay positive, the effect just lingers and creeps into my everyday life. Everything seems to be off, I have a protruded forehead, my eyes aren’t balance with one being inner lid, my chin is too small, my ears are too big, I can go on and on and on. But here in Premier Clinic, my confidence were restored before I earn enough bling to go through the knife, haha, THANK GOODNESS. 
       This is how it all started. On a fateful Saturday morning, I’ve ventured into Premier Clinic Puchong branch after knowing that patients can have the first consultation session free of charge. The treatment I had in mind was actually to enhance my brow bone with derma filler so that my forehead wouldn't look as big. I’ve did tons of research online and It took me some courage to speak up in front of Dr Lai when inquired. 
Botox Filler injection in Klang Valley

       To my surprise, Dr Lai looked hard at me and told me my forehead looked perfect. And she told me there are a lot of girls who are willing to undergo drastic procedures to achieve a forehead like mine. I was stunned to be honest, frankly I am still very new to the Aesthetic world so I didn’t realize my own beauty. 
       Dr Lai then asked me what else was bothering me, I thought hard before mumbling out “perhaps my lips”? Coz I’ve always have a gummy smile and it's tiring. When I smile, I needed to put in so much control to prevent my lips from rolling upwards and inwards, exposing at least half of my gum. 
lip augmentation in Malaysia
       She examined my lips and was confident that she could fix that, and keeping in mind that it will be my first procedure ever, Dr Lai reassured me that if I am not comfortable with the results, I can come back anytime to revert it to original. This plan sounds good to me. 
       And so, here it goes. 

The consultation: 

      Before the treatment, Dr Lai explained in details regarding the procedure of Filler Injection, and the type of Derma filler used, which was Juvederm, a reputable brand. I was also briefed about what to expect after the procedure, possible down time and vice versa. After signing a consent form, I was brought to the treatment room for the next step. 

Photo Session:

       Before the treatment, a few of my photos were taken for documentation purpose.

Numbing cream application: 

       I was then sitted on a reclining chair. After a throughout cleansing, the nurse applied a thick layer of numbing cream on my lips and sealed them. I was told beforehand that injection on the lips is the most painful procedure of all, I myself was unsure if I would even make it half way though the procedure… 
lip augmentation in Malaysia

The Filler injection:

        After 30 minutes when the cream had fully set in, Dr Lai came back to the room and put on her gloves. This is it… I thought to myself, If it’s painful I’m gonna chicken out and quit. 
       Although my lips were numb and I can definitely feel something piercing in, miraculously I felt only a little discomfort. I am a person of low pain tolerance, but this wasn’t as bad as I thought its gonna be. After 15 minutes, I was told by Dr Lai that it was done. I was surprised at how short of a time it took!
botox filler injection in Malaysia
botox filler injection in Malaysia

       I left the clinic after having my after photos taken. And I was asked to update them every oath day regarding the progress. 


Day 2:
My lips started to developed bruises at the filler injection points. Although it is not painful, it is not a pretty site, so I had to conceal it with make-ups. I applied soothing cream and moisturizer before going to bed every day.   
filler injection in Malaysia experience sharing
filler injection in Malaysia experience sharing

Day 7:  
I guess I am the kind of person who is more prone to complications. The bruises were gone but there were still small local swellings that are quite irritating to look at, moreover, skin started peeling off so that this stage, moisturizing is the most important step. 
filler injection in Malaysia experience sharing
filler injection in Malaysia experience sharing

Day 14: 
My lips look superb, plump and sexy but I was told that this might not be the end result yet since I had longer recovery period. 
filler injection in Malaysia experience sharing

With Makeup on:

Without Makeup on:

Day 15: 
I started to miss my old self as in this stage of life, I am still unable to accept drastic changes on my face when I looked into the mirror. I spoke up my mind to Dr Foo during my Dermaroller treatment and he proceeded to lyse some off for me. After all, our own happiness is the most important in Aesthetic. 

Final Thoughts:

       Although two weeks post procedure I went back to premier clinic to have part of the filler lysed out, I am thankful that this episode had made me realize how I loved and embraced myself no matter what other people might say. Although I truly love the end result and Dr Lai had done such a great work giving me a plump sexy lips, I still prefer a thinner more subtle enhancement. 
cosmetic surgery in Malaysia experience sharing
       Overall, I am very very satisfied with the great care provided by the staff and Dr Lai. Remember I initially wanted a brow lift? Dr Lai gave her professional advises not blindly based on what I wanted, but instead, giving me suggestions based on what I needed. Then final decision was in my own hand. 
       I feel that this procedure (Derma Filler Injection in general) would work perfectly for those who are looking for a change but is not ready to undergo surgery. Because keep in mind that surgeries are permanent but filler injections aren’t. If you are not happy with the results or simply, miss your own self, you can always revert it without any side effects.   

 The Price:

Juvederm Derma Filler   RM2200 per cc

Premier Clinic 

best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia
       Named one of the Top aesthetic clinics in the Klang Valley, Premier Clinic is licensed by KKM, equipped with a team of professionals, utilizes modern technology and have all the latest machines. Aside from cosmetic enhancement services, Premier Clinic also provides solutions to various dermatology conditions. 
best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia

Anymore questions? The staff at Premier Clinic would be happy to help! Give them a call and schedule your free consultation now! 

Puchong Branch
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HP :+60-16-706 0101 (contactable 7 days a week from 8am - 10pm)
Tel :+60-3-8080 3828

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