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About Vivian

Miss Happy Feet, Vivian Lee
I am an average 23-year-old, born and raised in Penang, Malaysia, a Chinese girl who is obsessed with Indian culture and Malay food, in short a TRUE Malaysian at heart.

At 18, I moved 4500 miles away to the mysterious land of Russia, in order to pursue a medical degree. Surviving in Russia is challenging, but life generally isn't always going to be sunshine and rainbows anyway. It is astonishing even to myself that 5 years later I fell head-over-heels in love with this country. For now, Russia is my home, until one year from now when I will be back in my beloved Penang.  

I am battling a chronic disease of itchy feet, the only cure for it is to keep exploring. At the same time, I am in a Long Distance Relationship, which keeping is a challenge but never a burden. Travel played an important role in my relationship when I first submitted this relationship to the ultimate travel test and it survived the ups and downs. 

My first independent trip abroad happened when I was in my first year of university. Together with 4 friends, I planned our own trip to Spain and Portugal for 2 weeks. This trip served as an eye-opener, making me realize the "do and don't"s on a self-planned trip. 

I started planning my solo trips 2 years later. Taking things one step at a time, I started with a solo day trip to Dubai, during a 19 hours transit. Things went smoothly until the clock struck midnight, every magical feeling I had start wearing off when I got caught in a situation I do not wish to be reminded. Let's just put it this way: I am lucky enough to board the plane, just in time before the gate closed. Lesson 1 learnt: always have a plan B. 

After a taste of how solo travel can ..., I started planning my next adventure-- a 10 days trip to the U.K. and Ireland. This time, I got the hang of it and finally, I think I am ready for a big trip. My American dreams came true in Summer 2015, where I met other like-minded travelers online, couch-surfed and tent-camped like no one else's business across the country. 

Miss Happy Feet, Vivian Lee

About Miss Happyfeet

How do I start? 

I always love writing for I label giving life to imaginations and memories as "cool". I started writing short stories when I was 14 and eventually won the First prize in a National Award at 17 for my 3rd Short Story: Tale, which tells the story of a bird and the universe fighting for justice against deforestation. 

I started writing songs in College but I've never published any. Soon enough after getting into University, I gave up entirely on writing to focus on the "Real Deal".   

Prior to founding Miss HappyFeet, I was an unhappy, uninspired student who felt that happiness is fading away in my everyday life. One fateful evening when I commented on Jodi's (Legal Nomads) Instagram photos about how empowering is the story of her quitting a stable high-paid job to see the world and eventually came out with a brilliant food and travel business idea, I did not expect a timely reply. That was exactly what I got. Minutes later, I got a personal reply from her encouraging me to pursue my own dreams. I heeded her advice and start to re-cultivate my long lost passion in writing. 

The idea of starting a blog did not occur to me until Summer 2015. It was my first big trip across 15 states in the USA within 50 days. I guess this trip served to be the turning point in my life. I remember sitting on the empty pavement in Athens, Georgia at midnight waiting for my bus to Atlanta while casually chatting with a 20-something who just got released from juvenile prison. Who would have thought that he would inspire me to launch my travel blog later in September?
I learnt that in life everyone can be your teacher no matter how impossible it seems to be. Never judge.  Read the full story here

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Why Do I Travel? 

For the Love of Food

Food is pretty much the first thing that comes to my mind every time I go abroad. I mean I can't think of a better way to get acquaintance to a new culture. 

For the Love of People

I did not associate with locals much when I first started traveling but I later found it to be the most touching experience one can get during travels. A series of positive events happened in Turkey: from locals offering us free teas and desserts to them giving free X-rated advice to teaching me cool poses for photos to offering us a ride, to giving me a flower. These are the little things that I found more significant than just covering attractions. 

For the Search for God

I see the splendour of our God in every mountain I trekked, every river I crossed, every sunset I witnessed, every kindness I received... Every journey I am taking. I am a Christian but I also believe we don't have to be in any specific religion to admit that there is some other spiritual entity which is greater than us. No matter we are Christians, Hindus or Muslims, our religion teaches us to do good.  


For Self Growth, for all the learning opportunity

Travels took me out of the box. When I left my comfort zone, I realized that there are so much more in the world to learn. I learned to be kinder, more forgiving, not to be prejudice, remain silence and to speak up when needed. I learnt to pitch a tent, cook meals over an open fire, how to fight a bear, how to spot Rattle Snakes... I can go on and on for a month.  

To Discover my Home Country in a Different Way 

I realized how much I love Penang. Although my favorite country that I've traveled to is Turkey, when people asked me to sell them my favorite spot on Earth, Penang or Malaysia will always be the first thing that comes to my mind. There are some good reasons behind all these: food, culture, heritage….. Malaysia is a big melting pot for various cultures. When I describe my country to fellow travelers, it hits me how much I actually love my homeland. I miss slurping Assam laksa in Air Itam, queuing up for a Penang Street Cendol, saying "tambah kuah" to the Nasi Kandar Macha, getting inspired in Mulu Cave, snorkeling in Sipadan, trying Budu, chewing Tempe, plucking my own strawberries in Cameron Highlands, having fun in Genting Themepark, crossing the Padi fields in Kedah, looking for kancil in Melaka (when I was young, I thought Kancil can be found every where in Melaka.)...   

To Discover the "me" I never knew

All these years I’ve labeled myself as a city person, but after I discovered that I actually prefer pristine nature over skyscrapers. However, I still love Skyline and I am always in search of the best skyline views in every city. 
My passions according to my preference : 
1. National Parks
2. Ice Cream
3. Skyline

To expand my Bucket List

Rather than travelling to cross things off my bucket list, I discover that my list actually expands throughout the years! After watching the incredible sunrise in Cappadocia, I added "Hot air balloon" to my list, and then "paragliding", "hang gliding", "skydiving", "swimming with sharks" follow. 


To Push the Limits While I am Young 

The teenage me would never see myself as a girl who travels, a girl who feels comfortable sleeping in a tent while hearing wolves howl to the moon, a girl who are not afraid to speak English everywhere knowing that her language skill sucks. I tried to push my limits in every step I take, to be bold enough to take up new challenges that intimidate my old self. I remember encountering a bear in Kaibab National Forest and went totally paranoid about seeing bears every single second in Yosemite, but it certainly did not stop me from camping again. 

To Look for a Purpose in my life.

Traveling gives me time to access to my deepest thoughts. I think life in general, what I wanted to achieve and what I've done so far. The cliche quitting a full-time job and travel the world is not happening in my case. At least, I don't see it coming my way, but I knew that there should be more to traveling: to inspire to save a soul, to travel with a cause. I am working on it. 

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Let's be friends and I'll take you on my adventures. Let's explore the world together, one step at a time.  
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