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Search and Found: Best Facial Soap for Combination or Oily Skin?

       I am always on the look out for new facial soap to try. If you ask me is there a best facial soap in the market? I can honestly answer you that there are no such thing. There is no best facial soap in this world, only the most suitable to your skin type and lifestyle. Are you with me? Let's go. Mission today is to judge whether this facial soap is suitable for combination or oily skin.
best facial soap for combination skin
Photos from Kiseki Japan
       When I was told that collagen in fish scales (omg, my eardrums are allergic to this. It gives me the chills...) could be extracted into beauty products and miraculously do wonders to our skin, I was skeptical. Until I found out that indeed, this could be one of the top facial soaps in the market. Today I am telling you about Kiseki Japan marine collagen facial soap and how it salvages clogged pore problems and brighten dull skin.
       Kiseki Japan was founded by a local Malaysian, Cecil Beh. Truly a Malaysian product so I am excited to introduce it during the Malaysian month. Because I am a doctor, I seldom promote healthcare or beauty products but here am I feeling the urge to after trying my hands on it. And the fact that it had received the approval of the Ministry of Health in both Japan and Malaysia is a huge selling point.
Best Facial Soap for Combination or Oily Skin
Best Facial Soap for Combination or Oily Skin
       Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser is a premium quality marine collagen (extracted from Tilapia fish scales) facial cleanser featuring ultra-fine molecules that will penetrate your skin effectively to remove dirt and oil, perfect for deep cleansing.
       Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser has minimal alcohol, no Paraben, no coloring, odorless. It contains a carefully selected combination of 10 flowers and herbs extract for the soothing effect, calming your skin down from all the stress, While Royal Jelly keeps cells young. The main ingredient, Hydrolyzed Marine Fish Collagen is great for cleansing and hydration also it helps retain youthful skin elasticity. Other unique ingredients such as collagen from Tilapia's fish scale...  This cleanser is known to be Malaysia's first and up to this point, the only marine collagen facial soap in the market.
best facial soap for combination skin

How to use it

Step 1 Slip the Kiseki Japan soap into the foam net (included in the package), rub gently with your hands to create some foam. It foams up very easily.
Step 2 Apply on face gently in an outward circular motion. I am not sure why but majority of foams only last a few seconds on my skin. I am guessing my face is indeed too oily. lol
Step 3 Rinse off with lukewarm water.
Step 4 tap dry with a clean towel
Step 4 Apply regular skincare.
Step 5 Apply hydration mask regularly for the best effect.
Best Facial Soap for Combination or Oily Skin
Best Facial Soap for Combination or Oily Skin
best facial soap for combination skin

My skin type: 

Combination: Dry in the inside, oily at the surface. I believe most Malaysians have this skin type since Malaysia is both hot and humid.
Other skin types include: Dry, Oily, Sensitive.

The Results? 

Immediate effect 

       Despite Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Soap produce a lot of foam after rubbing, cleaning them off is an easy task. My skin felt lighter, and at the same time a little stinging suggesting dryness so I slapped a lot of hydration get onto my face. Miraculously my skin was able to absorb my skincare within seconds while usually, it took up to 1 minute to get fully absorbed. Obviously, you can’t expect drastic changes in a few days (it's ain't black magic, girls! ) so I decided to give it a few weeks to monitor its effect.

1 week

       I do see some improvement in the tone of my face but I feel that it is still too early to comment. Dryness with or without redness on your skin might be a huge obstacles for you to keep using it so I am guessing a lot of people stop at this point. The key point here at this moment, is to remember to apply a lot of moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.
      The worst redness period can be shown in this picture, not too bad but still noticeable:
best facial soap for combination skin
       However, don't be discouraged, read on!

3 weeks

       When I went to do my 2-monthly facial, I realize that the time my beautician used to clear my pores lessen by at least 50%. She was amazed at how clean is my face that day. Honestly speaking, I am not that into skincare before. It may be one of the variable factors but I believe Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser was a good jumpstart. Also, my face became clearer and brighter.
       Here are some chronology photos of before and after (and also started using several skin care products at the same time... plus points! )
best facial soap for combination skin


       Will I crown it as the best Facial Soap for Combination or oily skin out there? I honestly feel that it is a worthy purchase, especially in Malaysia where weather is hot and humid,  a minus minus point for combination/ oily/ sensitive skin. (blessed are you all, normal skin type folks!)
      As someone who works long hours with on-calls, Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser is a lifesaver. However, if you are not keen (or lazy/ or lack of time) of applying tons of moisturizer after cleansing, this might not be a product you should use. I've stopped using moisturizer for quite some time during this experimental period and noticed that part of my skin turned noticeably pinkish after a few days, this sight might led to some mistakenly take it as a sign of allergy or sensitivity, but it really is just dryness, your skin is giving you hints that they are thirsty. You need to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, so as your skin cells. DRINK WATER! As if I don't stress on that point enough!  
       If you would like to give it a go too, head over to Kiseki Japan official website.
best facial soap for combination skin

Thank You for Reading! 
This post is based solely on my honest opinion or personal experience. 
The products that works for me, doesn't means it will do wonders to you too. Effect varies and my purpose here is to bring this product into your vision field, not to persuade anyone into buying anything. 
 If you have a different opinion, feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below!

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