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The Huffington Post:
1. 10 reasons to visit Page, Arizona
2. Las Vegas: Which Cirque du Soleil Show should I watch? 

3. Chicago: Places to go for The Best Skyline Photos
4. Moscow Should Be On Your Wanderlust Radar: Here Is Why.

Elite Daily:  
1. 10 Wellness Tips You Should Remember To Pack While Prepping For Your Trip

Matador Network: 
1. 24 Signs You Have Been in Russia For Too Long
2. 30 Signs You Are Born And Raised In Malaysia
3. 67 Things You'll Never Hear Someone From Malaysia Say
4. 20 Signs You Were Raised By a Malaysian Mom
5. 14 Travel Experiences To Have In Malaysia Before You Die
6. 14 Slang Exclamations We Use In Malaysia (and How To Use Them)

Thought Catalog: 
1. 10 Free Travel Apps Everyone Should Know About

Girls vs Globe:
(Coming Soon)
Tripovo Wanderlust: 
1. 12 Reasons why Tokyo Captures Everyone's hearts 

 Interviews/ Featured Blogger:

1.  Postcard From Murmansk, Russia
2. Featured Female Traveler
3. Samantha En Route: Featured Blogger
3. Settling In Kuala Lumpur For Foodies
4. Eat This Now
5. The Wanderlanders: Expat life in Russia
6. Nomad Ventura: All American Road Trip
7. Leverage: Meet Miss Happy Feet
8. The Digital Nomad Company: Meet Miss Happy Feet, Vivian Lee
9. Doodle Trip: Vivian Lee, MissHappyFeet: The travel writer in Russia (Interview)
10. The Vocket: Travel Di 62 Bandar Di Eropah Selma 70 Hari, Ini 15 Tips Daripada Saya
11. That Girl's Life Story: Inspiring Part-Time Traveler, Vivian Lee

Guest Posts/ Freelance Writing:

1. A Girl and Her Passport: 10 Top Activities to Make You Fall in Love with Tokyo
2. LisaLDN: A Quick Guide to St. Petersburg, Russia
3. Travel.vvremixes: Misshappyfeet presents… 1 day in Niagara Falls State Park

4. Drifter Planet: Explore Penang (Malaysia) Like a Local
5. Samantha En Route: Turkey: FREE Things To Do In Istanbul
6. Gallivanting Bean: Like A Local: Georgetown, Penang 
7. News Cental: 10 Reason to Visit Page 
8. The Atlas Heart: Moscow Misconception 
9. The Lost Girl's Guide to Finding The World: 9 Reasons to Love Chicago 
10. LisaLDN: Visiting Yosemite National Park
11. Viramon: 16 Makanan Tempatan Yang Perlu Anda Cuba di Istanbul
12. Hostel Geeks: Catching the Train With the Police
13. Chinese New Year Celebration 2015
14. Sea Salt Secrets: Istanbul, Turkey
15. Postcards From The World: Sunday Postcard - Venice


1. Wanderlust + Heart : How Travelling Helps Me Be A Better Person  
2. Tourist of life: 5 Destinations to Escape the Crowd
3. Yoko Meshi: The Best Street Food Around the World  
4. Bel Around the World: 10 Student Travel Tips Wish I'd Known Earlier

5. The Salty Fern: The Best Coffee From Around The World
6. A Wanderphile: Iconic Alcoholic Drinks Around the World
7. The Atlas Heart: Food to Try From Around the World
8. KAT is Traveling: Libraries of the World: 5 travel bloggers share their favorites
9. fitGevity: 8 Best Hiking Locations Around the World
10. When Woman Travels: Food and Travel Bloggers Share the Best Gastronomic Destinations. 
11. Claire's Footsteps: A Guide to International Megabus 
12. Anita Hendrieka: 65 Spectacular Paradises You NEED To See Around The World
13. Jet Set Brunette: The Absolute Worst Travel Advice

14. the Huffington Post: 10 Student Travel Tips I Wish I'd Known Earlier
15. What's In Your Makeup Bag: Travel Blogger Tips
16. A Bucket List of Ferris Wheels 
17. For the Love of Wanderlust: 46 Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Man-made Structures in Europe. 
18. Ana's World: Mother's Day Getaway from the eyes of 21 Travelers
19. The Roaming Renegades: Most Underrated Places Around the World to Explore
20. Anchors and Proteas: Pack Your Ps And Qs: Bloggers Share Their Mom’s Travel Advice
21. The Huffington Post: Mother's Day Getaway Around the World
22. The Altruistic Traveller: Defeating Stereotypes
23. Jet Set Brunette: Bloggers Share The Hilarious Stories Behind Their Best Instagram Shots
24. Girl Out Of Bounds: Bloggers Share There Favorite UNESCO Sites
25. Traveling Nine to Fiver: Sunrise Around The World
26. Point and Shoot + Wanderlust: Blogger's Top 3 Travel for Food
27. Gamin Traveler: 27 Hidden Gems in Asia from Your Travel Bloggers
28. Travel, Books, Food: My Favorite Place in Europe
29. Victor's Travels: Travel games: The Ultimate List
30. Traveling South East Asia with 60 Bloggers Through 150 Photos
31. A Brit and A Southerner: A Guide to New York City
32. Migrating Miss: 15 Favorite European Summer Travel Destinations
33. Where is Noodles? : 25 Travel Bloggers Reveal the Best Festivals Around The World
34. Take Me With You: Travel Bloggers' Secrets: Top Tips for Traveling Solo
35. Claire's Footsteps: The Great British Bucket List
36. The World Beneath My Feet: Bloggers Flying Tell All Stories
37. Postcard from the World: 19 most Beautiful Castles in Europe You Must Visit
38. Probe Around the Globe: 9 Best cities in Europe to Explore by Bike
39. The World in My Pocket: I Just Had To Pack It
40. Never been there: Collaboration students' tips
41. Med City Life: Collaboration students' tips
42. Park View Golf Club: Collaboration students' tips
43. HemingwaysLounge: Collaboration students' tips
44. Immersions Guide: Collaboration students' tips
45. Nonsoloamore: 5 Travel Bloggers show their favorite destination
46. BZ Travels: Student Travel Tips
47. Travel Books Food: My Favourite Place In Europe - Shared By Travel Bloggers
48. Moxie and Epoxy: Backpacking Thailand
49. Cheers To Traveling: 10 travel bloggers share their favorite kayak destination

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Antelope Point Marina
Time Out Pk 
Travel Tips Share
Papillon Helicopter Tour 
80 Bucket List Travel 
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The Magnificent Mile 
Choose Chicago 
Skydeck Chicago  
Shedd Aquarium 

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Elite Daily 

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Airborne Circus

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Printed Media

1. Backpackers 
( April 2016) American Dream: Tips to the United States of America 
( May 2016) Forget Istanbul, Head Out to Capadoccia

2. Let’s Travel

(June 2016) 
Cover story: U.S. Travel
Travel in Russia in search of the Northern Lights
Total page-spread: 31

(July 2016)Mermaiding: swimming with dolphins 

(August 2016): San Francisco: Pride Parade

(September 2016): Austin, Texas: Stay Weird!

(October 2016): New York: Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of 


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