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Tired of Islands in Krabi? Visit this Viewpoint! Hiking Ngon Nak

      The word "Island" is unavoidably linked to island hopping trips, snorkeling, laying on the sandy beaches sipping margarita and etc... but after visiting so many islands and had done all sort of activities, guess you will want to do something else, like...

Ngon nak Krabi
A thrilling hike to Khao Ngon Nak.

      Ngon Nak means Dragon Crest. It was named after the look of the mountain peak, which looks like the crest of a dragon, the locals believed the mountain to be a holy God who protects the surrounding land.
Ngon nak Krabi
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About the tour

     I booked the Ngonnak hike tour with Everyday Krabi. As the hike might be tough, I tend to seek for delicate care throughout the hike. The tour provided us

    •    pick up service from the hotel in the morning, so I had no worry if I couldn’t find the place.
    •    Lunch and mineral water were also provided to deal with thirst and hunger during the way up! (Still, bring more water just in case)
Ngon nak Krabi
Ngon nak Krabi

About the hike 

     It is a 3.8-kilometer hiking trail through the beautiful tropical rainforest. It took me around 2 hours and a half to reach the top, as I paused too many times to take pictures of the great scenery!
     Hiking is fun. Especially when I get to witness one of the most beautiful sceneries, looking out to the land and sea of Southern Thailand!
Ngon nak Krabi

Recommended Checkpoints (personal opinion)

    •    The main viewpoint (most famous and worth the hike)
Ngon nak Krabi
Ngonnak hike

     Feeling " Imma be blown away by this wind!!"
Ngonnak hike

     Witnessed how weather changes right in front (or even below) of my eyes. Less than 10 minutes, from the previous picture to the next. Look at those clouds. Wait, they are not just clouds, they are actually rain...
Ngonnak hike
Ngonnak hike

     Lunch in the rain
Ngonnak hike

     Hiking down the mountain, you will pass through two more checkpoints which I recommend,
    •    Dragon's tear. 
These are two Natural "well", I would say. Water dripping from the higher place created these ponds. Since the mountain is called a "dragon crest", people believed that these are the dragon's tear. What a beautiful name. Legend has it that if you make a wish here and wash your face with the water, your wish will be granted!

    •    Green carpet. 
Doesn't it look like a pathway leading to some sort of a secret house of a witch? Or maybe the dwarfs' house? Alright, at least, it looked magical to me! As if it appeared right out of a fairytale?!
Ngonnak hike

    •    Nepenthes.
 A carnivorous plant in the tropical jungle found!
Ngonnak hike

     It was raining during the hike. But it only doubled the fun. It took around 5 hours round trip. But everything is worth it.


    •    There are no shops on the way. You can bring some extra snacks on top of what is provided on the trip. (Again, lunch and a bottle of water will be provided, but bringing a little bit more wouldn't be a bad idea.)
    •    Bring more water ( Sufficient for a 5 hours hike)
    •    A backpack and shoes suitable for hiking will be needed
dragon crest trail krabi

*Additional Information:

     I love how the crew from EverydayKrabi took care of us so kindly and sincerely. The whole trip wouldn't be so wonderful without their professional knowledge about the mountain.

dragon crest trail krabi
Everyday Krabi is a travel agency aiming at sustainable travel manner and community-based tourism. We aim to bring out real and authentic experiences in Krabi to visitors as welcoming friends to our home as well as encouraging sustainable and responsible travel habits such as environmental awareness, cultural awareness, and the love of nature such as;
-not supporting animal cruelty
-waste-free travel
-protect the wildlife and marine life
-protecting the culture
-investing locally (support local tourism)
We want everyone to go on adventures and enjoy Krabi by really learning about our nature and culture!

dragon crest trail krabi

Give your trip a great kick-start!
Book the tour to hike Ngonnak from EverydayKrabi right now.

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