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Krabi Experience: Sunset Long Tail Boat Ride on the Krabi River

All Aboard, sail into the sunset!
       The long tail boat is the signature of Krabi. We joined the tour organized by EverydayKrabi, hopped onto the long tail boat at around 4:30 pm and from there we began our journey chasing after the sunset!
Krabi River Long Tail Boat Ride

       Krabi River is surrounded by mangroves. The boat will be moving slowly on the river, while we can enjoy the refreshing breeze and the scenic view.
       First, we explored the Khao Kanab Nam cave. It’s about 10 minutes from the port at Krabi town Pier. When we reached the port at Khao Kanab Nam cave, we walked about 400 meters to reach the entrance of the cave.
       Visiting the cave is a plus for this long tail boat trip. It worth the trip.Visitors need to climb up into the cave at the limestone karst... This doubles the fun!
Khao Kanab Nam cave

      The first photo shows the iconic Twin Mountains of Krabi where we entered the history back to eras ago. It is one of the oldest caves in South East Asia that has the oldest historical signs in the cave. For example, the tools, the drawings on the wall, crafted cavemen in the cave, and the skeleton.
Khao Kanab Nam cave
Khao Kanab Nam cave
Khao Kanab Nam cave

       Believe your eyes! This complete skeleton is 43,000 years old! Surprisingly it is placed at the entrance of the cave openly, which is right beside of the limestone karst.
Khao Kanab Nam cave

       The cave is pretty impressive. There's a big "hole" at the top of the cave. Should I say that was an entrance? As it might be extremely easy for them to simply jump out or into the cave during their days? (Imagination has just gone wild!)
Khao Kanab Nam cave

       I was feeling spiritually recharged after exploring the charms of the mysterious Khao Kanab Cave. The cave experience is awesome, and the educative information is interesting… I appreciate it!
Besides, this is an authentic chance to also see the lives of fishermen as you ride along the river.
Krabi River Fishing Village
Krabi River Fishing Village

       Remember to ask the boatman to stop by if you want to visit the fish village. Maybe due to the prolonged time we spent in the cave, by the time we reached the fish village, it was way too late. On top of that, it was raining, so we did not stop by, instead, we went deeper into the mangrove forest.
Krabi River Long Tail Boat

       Soon, we found out that we are already out at the sea! The sun was setting down slowly and the breathtaking colorful sky view came into our eyesight uninterruptedly.
Krabi River Long Tail Boat Sunset
Krabi Sunset
       The boatmen are kind. They explained the panoramic view right in front of our eyes, which island is Phiphi, which island is Hong and etc.
       The weather wasn’t great enough to the catch the perfect sunset, but it was still pretty and somehow romantic. We absolutely fell in love with the “not so complete sunset”.
Krabi Sunset
Krabi Sunset

       Until the sun was totally set down, we head back to the port, in the dark, without knowing the direction at all. That makes me admire the impressive ability of the boatmen to differentiate the direction.

Take note:

    •    It's not a 30mins boat trip, instead, it takes hours. Bring some water and snacks if you want, but rubbish is on own responsibility.
    •    For those who are not staying in Krabi, the ride normally departs from Krabi Town Pier, so you can easily make your way there on a public “Song Taw” That runs from Ao Nang to Krabi Town.
    •    Bring your camera. You wouldn't want to miss taking any pictures during the trip.

*Little Moments ❤️

Krabi Long Tail Boat Night
       When we are back at the town, the boatman's wife and daughter were waiting for him by the port. The daughter seemed happy, and she came closer and closer to the boat. The boatman was smiling, happily and genuinely and slowly docking the boat back to the pier. I was touched by the genuine love of the local people of this small town. The homecoming of the loved one is the biggest happiness in a day. Nothing much complicated.

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