Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hong Kong : Animal Ice cream at "Check in Tokyo"

Fancy some uniquely shaped ice cream? Make it is the place to go to when you are in Hong Kong! Ranging from a head, a camera (limited timely edition), an elephant or a Koala, you name it! *It might be a little pricey, but hey! Happiness comes first!

Location and Direction: 

Address: 43P-43S Dundas St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 12:00-23:00

Direction:  4-min walk from Exit A2, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station

Link: Check In Tokyo

Style: Take away
Phone reservation is available!

My recommendation: 

all images above are taken from Check in Tokyo Facebook page.
1. Ramune x bluberry twist
This double flavored ice cream is served in a black Charcoal flavored waffle cone, even though the cone had a slight tinge of bitterness, It really balanced out the sweetness of the ice cream well. Ramune is quite a new flavor for me but it tasted exceptional with blueberry.

2. Zoo-theme ice cream cone(any)
Reason: If you are feeling a little “wild”, pick an animal theme ice cream! You can choose a flavor and an animal you want: Elephant, Cat, Koala….

General idea about the ice cream: 

The ice cream size is BIG and by the time you finish it, you may not feel the urge to eat anything else. (which is a shame because HongKong is filled with good food in every corner!!) Fortunately, you can choose the size of your cone and a BB cone is enough for one person. But if you want a more “value for money” bargain, get a big one and share.

Spending: HK$ 30-38

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Camilla said...

Oh my gosh, this is so cute! I wish I knew about this when I lived in Hong Kong last year. At least that gives me another good reason to come back (:
Camilla |

Andrew Boland said...

ice cream i love... but green tea flavour not so much!