Thursday, June 16, 2016

Most Beautiful places in France (Part 2)

Do you like the places I mentioned in The Most Beautiful Places in France (Part 1)? If you do, read on to find 10 more travel inspiration in France! If you have more stunning destinations in mind that I am oblivious of, let me know by commenting below! Thank you.

1. Colmar

Located in Northeastern France, on the Alsace Wine Route, this charming old town lined with medieval and early Renaissance buildings is a popular day-trip destination from Germany.

2. Pyrenees National Park

For all nature person out there, here you go! A national park in Europe that you should not miss!

3. Moustier Sainte Marie

It is considered as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France", for a good reason!

4. Nice

The French Town Nice is too nice to skip if you ever find yourself visiting France.

5. Chamonix

An Alpine ski-resort area near the border of 3 countries: France, Switzerland and Italy.

6. Giverny

Claude Monet noticed the beautiful Giverny while looking out of a train window and decided to move there. He created many magnificent arts, painting his own garden here in Giverny. Are you tempted to move here too?

7. Strasbourg

Are you in France or Germany? Well you are definitely still, in France, enjoying the perfect culture and architecture blend of both countries.

8. Mont Aiguille

Mont Aiguille is a mountain in the Vercors Plateau of the French Prealps, located 58 km south of Grenoble, in the commune of Chichilianne, and the département of Isère.

9. Pontrieux

located within Brittany in northwestern France, this charming town successfully captured the hearts of many.

10. Paris

How can any France bucket-list get away without "Paris"? That is just wrong!

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I was looking for awesome places in France (apart from Paris). Loved the face that you put Paris in the end :D
And some amazing places you have included in the list, definitely exploring all these if and when we go to France :)