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Boracay Island, the Philippines: 4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary Sharing

So dear readers, you've guessed it right! Last week I went on a sweet vacation to Boracay, the Philippines. Honestly speaking, it was truly an amazing experience. A lot of readers recommended me to check out Cebu and Palawan as well, but since I had limited time, I'll keep these awesome suggestions for next time! Keep your recommendations rolling in! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Flight Ticket

Air Asia KL-Kalibo round trip =RM450
Boracay girls



-Hill House- walking distance to station 3, private room with attached bathroom for two (3 nights)= RM230/pax (Breakfast included)
Boracay hostel
Boracay hotel

Itinerary Sharing

Day 1

(Airport Transfer)
Kalibo airport ->Boracay Island (by van+ferry) = php250At the jetty environmental fee + terminal fee = php160

1. Visit the Spider houseTricycle to station 1 = php150 Activities at the Spider houseDive straight into the sea 🌊from the deck and watch spectacular sunsets πŸŒ…(one of the best spots on the island)while enjoying wonderful dinner πŸ•with a cocktail🍸.Php330 pizzaPhp90 ice lime juice
Boracay food
Boracay drinks
Boracay sunset
Boracay sunset

Tricycle back to station 3 php1502. Walk around the main beach to find out the best deal for water activities*haggle on the price is the key*We went around and finally got our package on
1. Island hopping2. Snorkeling 3. Cliff dive (magic island)4. ParasailingAt the price of php2500. Which is super low price said even our Airbnb host.

Walked around the night shore and went back to our hostel chill in the sharing area.

Day 1 expenses: 3480php/person

Day 2

Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, our adventure day postponed to the next day and our chilling day brought forward.

1. First we had breakfast at our hostel, (very healthy and satisfying breakfast with choices of variety) 
Boracay airbnb

2. Sit on the hammock enjoyed the breeze (it was way too windy that day)
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3. About noon, we walked to the main beach had a swim in the photoshop-like blue sea.
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4. Walked around the stalls and shop lots and visited D'mallYou can find most of the daily needs in D'mall and the price is mostly reasonable.

5. Willy's stoneIt was during high tide so we need to swim/walk across to visit mother Mary. 
Willy's Stones
Just beside willy's stone, you can find the best shake on the island -Jonnah's fruit shakes (price range ~php125)
Boracay best drink

6. Lunch at Mang InasalGrill chicken lunch set - 113php (+11php get coke)
Boracay food

7. Shop for souvenirs
Boracay market

8. Got a massage in the evening. They will be a lot of people promoting along the street. Again, remember to haggle the price.We have gotten an Indoor air-cond room 1 hour full body massage for 350php

9. Dinner - Mongolian buffet 295php with bottomless ice tea. Pick whatever ingredient, sauce, seasoning you want and they will fry them for you. It was cool but I was too lousy at seasoning, turned out it wasn't that goodπŸ˜‚

10. One of the best thing to do in Boracay -- Chilling on the beach at night. Find a good place which the music, the show, the price and the menu satisfied you. Just pick any place closest to your heart. It was what we did.The entertainment was Live band + fireshowMocktail 200php
Sasha 400php


Day 2 expenses 1200php /person

Day 3

Sun and shine! Happy weather to go on a boat trip!

1. Island hopping at the morning.
If you were asked speedboat or any other boat, speedboat will be a brilliant idea! It was so exciting as the waves that day were strong. 

We did snorkeling and fed the beautiful fishes in the sea.Extra 40php for the equipments.Hopped a few islands but due to the strong wind we couldn't get to the magic island to do cliff dive 😒

Buffet lunch provided on one of the islands.After the buffet, more snorkeling and we were back at the main beach.

Right after that we set off for our parasailing.

2. Street Food hunting.
Halo halo php150 
After the water activities, we had Halo halo as it was the best weather to have one!
(Finally! It looks so good on the picture and I wanted to try since the first day) Wonder if it was too nice or it was just me being a sweet addict. Can't help falling in love with it!
Halo Halo

Don't forget to try out the street filipino Bbq. I had one BBQ pork and one chicken intestine. =45php (chicken intestine was delicious!)
Boracay street food
Boracay street food

3. Sunset
Went back to the hostel for a hot shower, and accidentally found out the sunset from our airbnb is amazing! No exaggeration but that might be the best sunset I have ever seen. The egg yolk dropping off the horizon. Mesmerizing. 

4. Night - had another filipino food buffet at station 3, along the street-390php


5. Another massage -350php

6. Another place to chill and drink, 200php for two drinks.Fall asleep listening to the live band, finish the drink and we knock off the bed.

Day 3 expenses 1150php person

Day 4

Wakey wakey

Checking out before 12 so we cleaned up the room and packed our stuffs.
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Last visit to the main beach, swim and took pictures, passed by a bakery shop that I have always been curious why the bread in Philippines looks so delicious? There is no way anyone could resist them. So I bought a few at 130php. It was as good as I had imagined!

Set off to the jetty, tricycle 100phpFrom the jetty to Kalibo airport another 250 + 160php

Day 4 expenses 610php/person

Back in Kalibo. Boracay trip ended πŸ™‚
Total expenses on the island= 6440php (appx RM570)


More Suggestion:

Buying any souvenir? Wanna explore more ofPhilippines? Looking for cheaper stuffs than in Boracay? Having Left over money?
Go around Kalibo! Check out the stores and streets, the mall, the bakeries (so much cheaper), the market. You will have fun! πŸ™‚

Extra Note:

Prepare 700php for terminal fee at the airport before boarding to the return flight.

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Hi thanks for sharing! U mentioned php700 terminal fee, is it per pax?
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