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Introducing "GypSEA Squad", powered by Miss Happy Feet

     First and foremost, thank you for being part of our big family! In GypSEA Squad- Traveling girls of South East Asia facebook group, there are some rules that every GypSEAs must abide by, in order to keep this group spam-free.

***GypSEA Squad Guidelines***

1. No boys allowed!

2. Be kind and respectful. 
We all have been there, learning from zero. There are no such things as "Stupid" or "Ameture" questions. So, let's support each other, help a newbie, share your knowledge, love, get inspired and be an inspiration!

3. Posts should be TRAVEL related. 

4. We will try our best to use English. 
It is to create a friendly environment without language barrier. 
It's okay if we are not fluent in the language. Let the sentences be simple, as long as we try. No one should judge. Remember, this is not an English Grammar Club.  

5. No Self-promotions.
Meaning to say that the posts below are not allowed:(we have a weekly thread for these, expect for the last point)
❌Post links to your website or Blogpost.
However: You can share all those links in the comment, if someone posted a request asking for tips, and you feel that your links fit the descriptions. 
❌Post links to your social media account, page, clubs or groups.
❌Post a thread asking for members to subscribe, submit guest posts, do a survey, interviews, etc.
❌Create a thread asking for members’ emails.
ps: Girls, for safety purpose, do not give out your personal email address on such a public platforms.  

So what can you post?
✅Introduce us to your country or city (Photos please! :D)
✅Photos of your latest travels worldwide
✅Your travel videos (Exception: You can share this from outside sources like youtube or Facebook pages)
✅Links contain news/information from official pages (Huffpost/ ThoughtCatalog/ Elite Daily/ Matador Network/ Buzzfeed/ BBC/ Insider/ Airasia/ Brightside/ and other similar pages) that is important for travelers/ you think the members of GS will enjoy.
For example, you just successfully published a post on BBC/ Your travel photos got featured on AirAsia... Yes! Tell us your success story!  
✅Itinerary share (uploaded to the group directly, not sharing from other pages)
✅travel tips (uploaded to the group directly, not sharing from other pages)
✅Ask a question (Travel Related)
✅Ask for help (Travel Related)
✅Ask for opinion and recommendation (Travel Related)

‼️As the owner and creator of the group, I hold the right to publish any post or product I deem to be valuable.

6. Brands should not use the page in their marketing strategies. 
❌NO advertisement.
- Do not advertise your products or tours here (Unless with my permission).
- Yes, I support start-ups, but all products/service need to first be screened by my team, to ensure that this is not a SCAM or harmful products. Hence, please email me at for advertisement request.   
❌Posts offering collaboration/sponsorship opportunities are not allowed.
- However, we have a special thread for that, refer point 4.

7. Use Hashtags when you post. 
#gsMilan #gsNewYork #gsBangkok #gsBoracay
So that members can find your post (using the search bar) easily in the future.

8. Daily Prompt (Starting in July 2017)
In an attempt to reduce spammy threads, we will have weekly and monthly threads for all purposes. Here's a great way to interact with your new sisters!

🚩GypSEAsMonday - New members? Introduce yourselves, tell us where are you from, what do you do and more! Get to know each other :)

🚩YOLOTuesday - Hiked a mountain? Visited a new country? Share photos of the place that took your breath away! You should always include the location. :) Help grow each other's bucket list!

🚩PlanningWednesday - Share your travel plans (Looking for Travel buddies to explore the world with/ local GypSEAs who might want to host or show you around)
*** However, these trips are not associated with GypSEA Squad or Miss Happy Feet and the admins are not responsible for them.

🚩ShowAndTellThursday: Share with us your latest blogposts, Vlogs and Instagram photos.

🚩EmpoweringFriday - Share something that inspires you! It can be your favorite quotes, something that happened at school, at work or online! You may share your happiness here too!

🚩ArtOfTravelingSaturday - Share a tip to a specific destination!

🚩SocialSunday - Share your passion with us! You may share your Youtube Channels, facebook pages, instagram handles and twitter profiles!

Monthly thread: 
πŸ“(1st) PostcardExchange: Exchange a postcard with a sister and become new friends!

πŸ“(10th) HelpAGypSEA: Brand collaborations, surveys, vote for me, guest post, collaboration blogpost and any other non travel related posts that ask for help.

πŸ“(20th) CoverPhotoSearch: I'll host a cover photo competition every month where the most liked photos will be used as our cover photo of the month! πŸ“·

9. The Pinned Post
The most important post will get pinned on the top of our group. This includes Giveaways, contests, feature launches and many more!

10. You may not private message other members without their permission. 
Please report any harassment and we will remove that account from the group.

11. No pornography!
Seriously, girls.

12. Posts that break the rules can be removed at any time by an admin. Repeated offenders will be deleted from the group. 

Any other suggestions for the rule are most welcomed! Please send them to and use “GS Rules” as the title.

All aboard!!! Now it's time to sail!

Group hug and love,
Founder of GypSEA Squad and Miss Happy Feet
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IG: Little Miss Happy Feet
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