Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dubai: Desert Safari

Dubai has just too much to offer. There are so many things you can do in Dubai, but for the sake of 2 big fat ticks on my bucket list, I decided to set my foot on the desert. So: Desert, tick; Camel riding, double tick.
I joined the Desert Safari recommended by a friend. I would not say that it’s the best choice as there were many other companies running the same activity out there.    

The driver came pick me up from the Dubai mall upon request, and off we go. The driver who pick me up was nice and funny, and we had an interesting chat about the city and the camp.   

It was about 4,30pm when we reached the site, we board a different vehicle to venture into the desert. And this is the very day I set in my mind that Toyota Land Cruiser will be the top pick if I were to buy a car. This car simply is unstoppable! Why? Find out yourself. You will thank me for not being your trip spoiler…. or the other way around. Just one kind reminder: Fasten your seat belts.

    The campsite. Beautiful, isn't it?

    The excited me in the desert. 

Search “Dubai Desert Safari” up on Google and choose the company you like
Contacts are available on their website.
I booked mine online via email.

Activity available:
Dune Bashing
Camel Riding
Arabian Costume fitting
Sand Boarding
Sisha/ Water pipe
Henna tattoo
Performances (including Belly Dance)
Unlimited flow of food, snacks, soft drinks

    See, over there! Our tent!

    Henna tattoo. 

    Explore around!

However, not everything on the campsite is part of the programme you paid for. Things you should be aware of:
1. Only water pipes at the Sisha corner is included in the package. Ordering Sisha to your dining table cost extra.
2. Photography session with the eagles/ taking photos wearing the waist belt and cloths the Local handed you, cost extra.
3. AVR cost extra, which disappointed me also.
4. Not all costume fitting are free. Watch out.

If you are unsure, ask the person in charge of the camp. He will guide you.


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