Sunday, June 29, 2014


FlyDubai started operating flight directly from Volgograd to Dubai from year 2013. I was planning to try this flight someday later but decided to move the plan forward when I found cheaper air tickets on Skyscanner last month.

Despite the fact that it is a low-cost airline, I had a pleasant flight with them. Staffs at the check-in and air-crews are helpful, the seats are comfortable, not going to review on food coz’ I didn’t manage to grab any: slept through the whole journey...

I checked Fludubai’s review online before my flight and found tons of unsatisfactory reviews, mostly due to delays and reschedules. Lucky me coz’ my flight was fine and the plane departed and landed on time. Well, we’ll see about that again as I’ll have to use it again in late August, but until then, my review on FlyDubai is, as a low-cost airline, they did great. (Don’t compare it to big airlines like Qatar/ Emirates, as we don’t compare elephants with ants (its unfair) ; compare it to Ryanair/Airasia instead.)

The flight landed in terminal 2. When I had a chit-chat with a local later on, I found out that 3 terminals in this impressive structure serve different purposes (correct me if I’m wrong): Terminal 2 operating mostly budget flights out to Sub-Continent and Persian Gulf region; Terminal 1 and 3 handles international passengers, with Terminal 1 used by over 100 Airlines, while Terminal 3 is built exclusively for Emirates, and later, joined by Qantas. Terminal 3 is the largest building I the world by floor space, plus the largest airport terminal in the world… AND Terminal 4 is on its way, Imagine that!

I like to pick seats on different parts of planes, just to try them out. When I feel like looking out the window, I’ll choose the window seats (most of the time), I’ll choose the one near the aisle when I have plans to walk around. And my personal favourite? The seat near the wing of the plane. Believe me, It has the least turbulence.

My opinions are based merely on my experiences.  Experiences may differ.  

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