Monday, June 30, 2014

Dubai guide: female travelling solo

Do and Don't for Female Solo Traveller. There's no problem travelling alone , but there's a BIG PROBLEM travelling alone CARELESSLY!

  1. A local phone plan
My choice: Etisalat Visitor line
Price: 35 AED
reason : I had 25 minutes preload of local/international calls, 25 SMS and 100 MB of mobile data. Connecting with the world is important, especially as a female solo traveller.
  1. Know some useful number in UAE in case you are lost/ caught up in a dangerous situation.
Taxi: 042080808
Metro: 8009090
Airport: 042245555
Police and Ambulance: 999
Tourist Security: 8004888
  1. Do your homework!
Before arriving in Dubai, do some research on where you want to go, how to get there…etc. Bear in mind that, adventurous travelling without a plan seems fun and cool but it means more risk too. So do your homework: get to know which metro line you should take, which path should you avoid. Be sure what you are doing and what is ahead. However, if you will be in the city for quite a long time, and you have all the time to spent, a day spent leisure strolling without a plan is acceptable. 
  1. Don’t be shy to ASK.
In places of attractions like Dubai mall, there are various information centre. They are more than happy to help you.
When it comes to wanting others’ help to take your photos, try other tourist instead of locals. Although locals are friendly too, no doubts, but chances are, some of them will say no due to a lot of reason, eg: rushing/working/running arons. (personal experience) Whereas, tourist like yourselves tend to be more understanding for they too will need someone to help them with their photos.
  1. Personal approach
When I hoop in a taxi alone, normally what I will do first, is make a phone call and tell that person at the end of the line: 1. The taxi car plate and registration number 2. The driver’s name. Its for security purpose, you get me.
Or, when you met a person that you had no choice but to trust, however, still have some doubts, take a selfie with him/her and upload it in a social network. Not for fun, but to let that person know that, now the whole world knows that you are with him/her.
  1. Others
Do not bring too much cash, bring a card instead.
If you are following a tour, always try to make new friends. Don’t always be alone or you’ll be targeted easily.
Always put on a confident smile instead of showcasing a timid personality or uncertainness on your face.
  1. Enjoy to the fullest.
  2. Last but not least, try to relax. Believe that not everyone out there are bad guys out to get you. You ought to be careful, but not to kick up yourselves with over-suspicious and panaroid. Or else, you will lost the golden opportunities to meet new people. 
And remember, these are merely my opinion, and your ways might be even better (you can share them with us too!). So, be flexible! Have fun!  

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