Friday, November 11, 2016

9 Cheap and Easy Meals You Can Make In The Hostel

One of the best way to save money while traveling, is to cook your own meals. However,  I highly encourage you to eat out at least once to try the local cuisine. Believe me, you don't have to be a top-chef to cook up these simple dishes. And if you handle the ingredients correctly (always wash them as well as your hands before cooking), you wouldn't get diarrhea. Just look at me, I am still alive. 

1. Scrambled Egg Burritos

For the record, this is my favorite lunch-on-the-go recipe. The idea is simple: Just scramble a few eggs, cut tomatoes and cucumbers into bite size pieces… then, start assembling your burrito with heated tortillas. Remember to top it up with hot sauce! Sometimes, I add in some salads, ham, sweet corns, black beans or cheese, depending on the discounted items of the day! 
Price per serving: 80 cents

2. Classic Spaghetti Meal 

Firstly, saute a handful of chopped onions and some crushed garlic, then pour in a can of tomato sauce. Season them according to your liking and pour them over freshly cooked spaghetti. Add in extras such as sausages, cutlets or chicken breast fillet.  
Price per serving: $1.50

3. Mac n’ Cheese

Boil milk and as the temperature rise, whisk in flour and stir continuously. When it start boiling, lower the temperature and wait until the mixture gets thick and creamy. And then it is time to add in shredded cheese. Pour it on the pasta. 
Price per serving: $1

4. Overnight Oatmeal

Easiest breakfast recipe and not to mention extremely nutritious! You can even do this in a hostel without a kitchen, as long as there is a fridge for you to keep your ingredients fresh. Pour milk over the uncooked oatmeal and let it sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, just cut some bananas in (add in some raisins please! Mmmm~) and enjoy your healthy treat! 
Cost per serving: 90 cents

5. Peanut Butter Sandwich

This serve as an energy booster, extremely suitable to bring along for a day of hiking. All you’ll need are bread and peanut butter! Need to make it fancier? Add in Jelly! An American friend I know from the hostel taught me this, although this concept (Adding Jelly onto Bread) seems weird at the beginning, I learned to enjoy it. 
Price per serving: 50 cents

6. Toast/ Waffles with Butter or Jam

Toast is pretty easy to make, even if there is no toaster in the hostel, as long as there are stoves and pans, you can easily toast some. 
Bonus: One Sunny side up! 
Price per serving: 80 cents

7. Eggy Bread

Firstly, cut the bread in half (normally into a triangular shape), coat them nicely in beaten eggs and fry them until golden brown. Top them with some sugar or maple syrup to enhance the taste. 
Price per serving: 50 cents

8. Easy Chicken Rice

Bonus if there is a rice cooker in the hostel. Basically, you just add in drumstick, rice, a spoonful of sesame oil, a spoon full of soy sauce, and enough water to cover the rice. The rice cooker will get the job done. Slice some cucumber and tomatoes to go with the rice. 
Price per serving: $1

9. Fried rice

Couldn’t finish eating the rice? Just pop them in the fridge and keep them for another day. At the end of the week, get all the leftovers out of the fridge. Saute garlic and onions, then drop in an egg and scramble them up. Pour in all the leftovers and season it to taste. Be sure to cook throughout on high heat before serving the fried rice! 
Price per serving: - (leftovers)

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