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Iceland: Bike Tour in Reykjavik

Our initial plan was to cycle the Golden Circle, just like what my friends Jessica and Chris did exactly a month ago. However, despite everything looking relatively close on the map, biking from point A to point B actually takes time, as the roads in between are usually windy (plus, a lot of stamina involved, so nay!) We felt quite sorry for the failed plan, however, our spirit were once again lifted up by another brilliant suggestion from Reykjavik Bike Tours: We’ll be joining a morning bike tour to experience the culture and hidden gems though the locals’ eyes. 
Reykjavik Bike Tours

We started at 10 in the morning. Locating the Reykjavik Bike Tour was a breeze once we’ve found the Old Harbour. There were a lot of Puffin and Whale watching tour company on the same pier so it was quite crowded. 
Reykjavik Bike Tours

The guides first helped us with helmet fitting and assigned us our bikes according to our height. I’ve gotten the seat fixed to its lowest position but it was still difficult for me to reach the ground without leaning my bike aside (I am short). however, since I was quite experienced with city bikes, it didn’t take long for me to adapt. Reflective traffic jackets were provided too. As I always say: Safety comes first, and the staffs at Reykjavik Bike Tour were very attentive when it comes to safety measures. 

The tour last for 2.5 hours, now let me tell you the highlight of the tour and if you are determined to know more, you will have to experience it first hand. 

1. Rotten shark with a shot of Black Death

We first stopped by at Kopar fish cafe, where our guide showed us Minke Whale meat. He recommended us trying a piece of putrefied shark... which came with a shot of Icelandic Schnapps "Black Death" to wash it down. I did. It tasted like ammonia and for once, I was so thankful for the strong alcohol. 
Kopar Reykjavik
Minke Whale Meat
Rotten shark Iceland

2. The famous Hotdog Stand

The staple of any Reykjavik foodie’s tour-- Baejarins Beztu Pylsur. President Bill Clinton had one hotdog here and since then, everyone goes crazy for the hotdogs. Until now his photo holding the famous hotdog is still displayed at the stand. 
Tips: Go for the "Hotdog with Everything". 
Reykjavik famous hotdog

3. Historical buildings

Our guides pointed out some interesting houses which were once resided by famous people, including the Prime Minister of Iceland. We also managed to stop at the Bjork's house, University of Iceland campus, Nordic House, Reykjavik’s Catholic Cathedral, Parliament building and many more. 
Reykjavik’s Catholic Cathedral
Historical buildings Reykjavik
Historical buildings Reykjavik Town hall

4. Hidden Beach

We stopped for a quick rest at Reykjavik’s south facing beach - Ægissida. This place was not touristy at all, we were the only group there.
Iceland beach

5. Other sights

My favorite part of the bike trail was around Tjörnin City Lake. Too bad we did not have a chance to stop there. 

6. Folklore

We learned about Icelandic folklore, about the goblins and the rocks. 

Iceland goblins stone

What I like about the tour

1. Easy to book

I booked our bike tour with Ursula via email. Ursula was really efficient in communicating, answering all my questions genuinely and made the booking process a breeze. 

2. Easy to ride. 

There were no difficult slopes thought the tour. All the path we took were flat paved roads. Where were elderly couples in my group and they kept up fine.

3. Highly Informative

Our guide was very knowledgeable about the culture and history, giving all the participants a great introduction to Reykjavik.  

4. Good exercise

You get to see the city at a relaxed pace, at the same time prevent heart disease

5. See a lot in a few hours

If you are looking for a quick introduction to Reykjavik without too much walking involved, biking is a great choice. 

6. A Cool Way to go Around the Capital  

All in all, it was fun to go around Reykjavik on two wheels.

Reykjavik old harbor

Going to Iceland? 

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Thank You for Reading! 
Miss Happy Feet was a guest of Reykjavik Bike Tours. However  all photos and opinion are as always, my own. 

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Anonymous said...

Nice trip. Interesting city with a touch of fairytales :) A fiend was in july and he liked it. But its also in july fresh cool weather. He wore a pullover and windstopp jacket.
You also visited the icelandic highlands and ghe geyysir?
I want also go make this cycle tour.
Btw i dont like helmets to wear. Are they mandatory? The reflective vest is ok.