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Hokkaido 5 Days Itinerary (Budget Trip) : Part 1

I know a lot of people don’t dare to visit Hokkaido because it sounds Expensive. Here I want to provide a guideline to travel in Hokkaido, with a budget which makes it not so scary.
I rented a car (15,000 yen) with a friend, booked Airbnb and we were there for 5 days. 50,000 jpy including accommodation car rental (expenses = ~8000+ jpy/day).
Appx RM2400 in total.


One Day in Hakodate 

Morning Hokkaido! 
I bet seafood is one of the first things that come into your mind when I say "Hokkaido". Am I right? If so, you must not miss out this seafood paradise in Hakodate <3 font="">

Hakodate morning market
You can even experience fishing squids from the tank and make them into dishes on the spot!

Fresh sea urchin. Have you tried? 

I never try sea urchin but I believed I would love it so I ordered this Sanshoku Don (3 colors. Mix of 3 types of seafood). And yes I really love it a lot!
I mixed crab, scallop and sea urchin. My suggestion is do not take too much of sea urchin if it is your first time. You might get bored of it soon. The scallop was delicious! 1800yen

Driving away from the morning market and grab some rest, a bit too soon but proceeded to the lunch. For the lunch, I had the “must eat” of the town, LUCKY PIERO.

The size of the burger is pretty big and full of ingredients.  Taste was really good whereas the price is only 390jpy for the ala cart burger.

After having lunch nearby the Goryokaku, which is a must go attraction in Hakodate, we walked up to the GoryokakuTower Observatory to enjoy the panoramic Bird's-Eye View of the Huge Star-Shaped Fortress. The Goryokaku is a star-shaped fort that has been designated as a special historic site.other than the observatory tower, you can also enter the fort itself to take a walk and take pictures. 840yen for the entrance fee.

While waiting for the main section of the day, we had another famous food in hakodate, which is hakodate yakitori bento nearby our destination – the one of the top 3 night views in the world. 550yen

Going up to the hill by ropeway, round trip tickets are 1200yen to visit this magnificent piece of night view.
Before or after the night view, walk around the Motomachi to discover the European style buildings and enjoy the ambience is what I really want to recommend.

Another place which is worth visiting is about 5-10 minutes away from the Motomachi – the Akarenga
Lighted up European style buildings near to the sea, can feel the sea breeze and even smell the sea while walking around these places. 

It was said that hakodate is famous with the salt base Ramen, so we Must Not miss it out. Turn out the taste was too salty and thick in the restaurant we went. We got sick of it after finishing half bowl. So I don’t really recommend it. At least not in the Ramen restaurant you can find in Akarenga. 850yen 

Next, the Airbnb in Hakodate! I loved this place to the max! 
It was pretty far away from the town, and it was already night time when we heading to check in. Before reaching the place, my car was almost running out of petrol and I even got lost in between the bushes because GPS couldn’t detect the location. It was raining outside and I was lost in the middle of total darkness. Slowly found out that the mobile signal was getting weaker and weaker.  Scared The Hell Outta me!
However, we got out from the bushes eventually. And FINALLY found the place! My suggestion is to check in this place earlier. Then it will be nothing to be scared of. 
I cannot deliver my love toward the house and the host with language, it was just so nice! I feel like I am in a fairy tale. Or if you ever watched Ghibli’s animated movie Ponyo, you will know what I am talking about. It is almost the same thing! I love the interior, the warmth of the host and the feeling of home. The room is big, clean and lovely!  Even if Typhoon is coming we will still have the greatest sleep.
The host is a Chinese lady. She even made us handmade toast and soya drink the next day for us to go on the journey.  I was so adored and feeling staying there forever.

Accommodation fee: 4000yen/ room

That is my one day itinerary in Hakodate. 
Total expenses per person: 6690yen. Yeah <3 font="">

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