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Follow me on my quest to track down all adorable snacks all around the World! Ice cream is my favorite: not only it is delicious, it saves me from melting under the hot summer sun. Let me show you my MUST-TRY list of Korean Ice cream and how about you telling me your list after reading?
Lets Start!

1. Seoul/Insandong: Jipangyi  

This J-Shape ice cream had taken the world by Storm and there’s no sign of ceasing. It cleverly replaced the traditional Waffle cone with corn snacks and the concept of a J shape cone is a brilliant way to prevent dripping! Finally, clean hands after eating my Ice cream!

2. Seoul: Aboong 

Korea is famous for their Bungeobbang (fish bread), but Aboong takes it to a whole new level by introducing to the world a new Species under their brand: an open-jawed fish with a-million-heavenly-goodness stuffed inside. It is filled with ice cream, Chocolate fondue (fruits of your choice), complete with a red bean paste pocket near the tail area… tell me what else do you need in a hot day!

3. Seoul/ Garosugil : Thunder Boom at Remicone by No name 

This is one of the most suspicious looking yet, AMAZING ice cream I’ve ever encounter. Take a look at the Dark clouds, tell me what you see: a taste-bud thunder storm is coming your way!

4. Seoul/ Itaewon: Swi:t B  

Creatively putting together some sweet treats (Pretzel, sweats, biscuits, chocolate chips, swirl cookies) into some animal figures, Swi:t B successfully captured the attention of people travelling to Korea.

5. Seoul/ Gangnam : Milkcow  

Ice cream made of 100% organic ingredients is something they should be proud about. Their premium ice cream is soft and silky. Try their honey oozing REAL honeycomb!!!

6. Jeju-do: Chichi Pong Ice Cream 

You are going to the famous beautiful coastline, Seongsan Iichubong. Something is missing. Go to Chichi Pong ice cream and buy yourself a new adorable friend to make your visit to Jeju-do complete! Money can’t buy happiness but ice cream is the closest thing!

7. Busan: Tortoise ice cream at「뻥's크림」

It seems that Koreans never Ever run out of Ideas. This tortoise ice cream is a new hit in town and looks like it is here to stay!

8. Seoul: Snow Spoon 

A unique self service ice cream stand plus a lot of interesting,  cute ice cream to choose from. Whether you are feeling blue, silly or creative, this shop has the ice cream you are looking for.

9. Seoul/Garosugil: Miki Pang D. Cafe

Who doesn't like flowers? and can you picture this in your mind: a flowery ice cream? It is literally like you are eating art!

10. Seoul/ Itaewon: Bastille The Cereal Bar 

Their ice cream seems Smokin' Hot! This instagram-worthy Ice cream is the liquid nitrogen ice cream everyone is talking about in Social Media. Come and grab one yourself!

11. Seoul/Jeju/ and 23 more: Sweet Monster

Well, they claimed to be the Best Ice Cream in Ever. What do you think? Caramel, Popcorn and Ice cream? Definitely a movie-person kind of thing!

12. Seoul/ Ehwa: Solid Works

When eating ice cream on the street seems too mainstream, how about a treat in a laboratory? Watch your scientists create your liquid nitrogen ice cream, served while still SMOKIN' !
all images above were taken from official sites of each ice cream parlors and instagram accounts.
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Anymore Ice Cream Parlor you think is worth trying? Feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below!

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