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As the name suggested, the Royal Mile is a pleasant 1 mile (and 107 yards) walk cutting directly through the heart of Edinburgh. 
The Stretch starts from the Castle on a long-extinct volcano, down the slope formed by the retreat of an ice age million years ago and finally, ends at the Palace of Holyrood.  Located within a World Heritage site, the Royal Mile is a combination of 4 streets: Castlehill, then Lawnmarket, High Street and Canongate,  jam packed with things to see and do.
As well as walking straight down the Royal Mile, I’d recommend exploring some of the closes and wynds which run off the main street in right angle forming a fishbone pattern. It might lead you to some hidden gems you might not discover by going down the usual tourist path.
Recommended time:
Time taken to walk down the Royal Mile withour stopping: 15-20 minuts.
Recommended: 2 to 3 hours for basic sightseeing
For History lovers, you may want to allocate a half or even a full day for the Royal Mile. Almost every building and wall along the path tells a part of the History of Edinburgh. You will be thrilled.  

Below is a list of places I found interesting during my visit to the Royal Mile:
Camera Obscura. Image viaia
  1. Edinburgh Castle
  2. Castle Esplanade
  3. Witches Well
    and the Castle Hill Canonball House
  4. Tartan Weaving Mill
  5. Camera Obscura
  6. Whiskey Experience
  7. Witchery Restaurant
  8. Tolbooth Kirk
Lawn Market
Click here to explore Lawn Market more 
1. Lady Stair’s Close and Writer’s Museum 
2. Deacon Brodie
St Giles Cathedral. Image via
1.David Hume (The philosopher)     
2.St Giles Cathedral     
3.The Colonnades by the Signet Library
4. Heart of Midlothian     
5. Mercat Cross     
6. Mary King's Close     
7. Paisley Close     
Museum of Childhood, Image via

The World's End. image via

8. Museum of
9.People's Museum
10. World's End

People's Museum is in this building. Image via
Scottish Parliament. Image via
1.  Canongate Tolbooth    
2.  The Museum of Edinburgh/Huntly House
3. Canongate Kirk    
4. The Scottish Parliament
Abbey Strand
     1.  Palace of Holyroodhouse
Holyroodhouse Palace. Image via

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