Wednesday, November 25, 2015

San Diego: 1 day in San Diego

I made San Diego a one day trip. Boy I was wrong! I should have stayed longer. There are a lot more places I wanted to set foot on: Joshua Tree National Park, potatochip rock and more. If you have time, check them out for me.

The coast

Seals resting.
Highlights: La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Harbor Seals
Surprises in every turn: Along the coast of San Diego, are some of the most impressive secluded coves, white sand beaches and ocean cliffs. There are various activities going on: swimming, surfing, paddleboarding... or simply sipping coffee in an up-scale restaurant while taking in the view.
During my visit, the beaches were so busy with so many people kayaking and paddleboarding alongside with sea lions. If you visit in February, you'll have a chance to witness California gray whales migrating south. Either pay for a sailing tour for whale-watching, or go to the overlook in Point Loma.
Meet Sandy, I took a selfie with it before
we part for good. and yes, I named all the
Tuna crab I picked up. God bless them.
In mid-June 2015, thousand of Tuna crabs were washed up shores at Ocean beach. We joined forces with a gentlemen and his daughter throwing them back into the sea (although I admit that I might have accidentally killed some of them due to my poor sense of distance estimation).
I had one of the best burrito and tacos along La Jolla.
(the restaurant name escaped my mind...)

Balboa Park

Highlight: Rose and cactus garden, museum, botanical building, former exposition building.
Everyone who are visiting San Diego must list Balboa Park as a must. This is the "urban breading ground" for culture with all the museums, theaters, parks, gardens and arboretums, and the San Diego Zoo. The park is named after a Spanish maritime explorer, I took a look at the architecture and understood the reason.

Sunset Cliff

The rejuvenating vista of sun setting down is hard to beat! However, beware as there is no railing and the face of the cliff suffered from erosion (please obey the warning signs if you do not want to die). This place is not very accessible with public transport especially on a Sunday! We were stranded there after dark and we called an Uber at the end. Nevertheless, the Sunset Cliff was worth visiting, definitely a sight to relish!

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