Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kirovsk: Amazing sculptures in Snow Village

Did Elsa built this Ice Ring to keep our friendship frozen in time? 

Bus ticket to and fro: 1300 Ruble / $17
Transport to and from Snow Village: 160 Ruble/  $2.10 per taxi
Entrance Fee: 400 Ruble / $5

The Snow Village in Kirovsk is a museum, made completely out of snow and ice! It was included in the Russian Book of Records as the biggest structure made of snow. For a small entrance fee, you get to enjoy an elaborated indoor snow/ice maze and an outdoor snow sculpture exhibition.

The indoor section consists of endless corridor, halls and gallery of snow carvings on the walls. It is surely very impressive, consider the fact that they would have to rebuild the whole structure from scratch every year during winter! There were also ice furniture, castle and sculpture here and there.

The outdoor section showcases big snow sculpture. During our visit, we got a chance to see artist working on a ice sculpture: sawing the ice, measuring, and polishing the edges.

Dining in the Snow Village Cafe is a must during the visit, even if you've packed your own lunch! For those who are unfamiliar with Russian Cuisine, try a small portion of "Beetroot + Herring" cake, a local favorite. Some might dislike it due to the overpowering taste of herring, but, never try never know.

Don't miss the snow tubes on your way out! We dedicated the entire afternoon snow tubing, and guess what, it was completely FREE! If you feel more adventurous, take a snowmobile tour or jump on a "snow banana". Various activities are available starting from 150 Ruble.

Tips: Come here first thing in the morning. Crowd starts building up in the afternoon. 

Photo credits: Ng Yung Jeat.  

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