Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Murmansk: Sami Village

Sami people are an indigenous Finno-Urgric people inhibiting the Arctic area. We were humbled by the opportunity to visit one of their Villages in Murmansk.


Shaman Poles
There are poles with 4 elements: Water, fire, earth and air. Right after them are idols of wealth, success, love and health, which we stuck a "kopeek" on and made our wish while hugging the idol.

Reindeer Interaction 
After briefing us about safety, rule and regulations, the chief led us into their territory where they keep their reindeer. We all were given breads to feed the reindeer. As soon as we walked pass the gate, a herd of reindeer came running towards us. They totally caught me off guard... I am still holding my phone (white) and some reindeer tried to chew on it.

Arctic Animals introduction

Probably the most exciting part of the program was the opportunity to interact with a colour-changing polar fox, and RABBITS!

Reindeer sleigh 

With a small additional fee, we had the privilege to ride a reindeer sleigh. Have you seen Rudolph? Fly us over the moon in search of Santa Clause, please!

We visited during winter and time was certainly not on our site. Therefore, we took the short package. If you have more time to spend, a full package is recommended. Participants would have the chance to play traditional Sami game such as "tug of the pole", "deer and wolves", "Sami football", throwing "nyartala" (lasso) on a deer antler and more. Also, You would have a chance to try on the Sami national costume.

Once again, a big thank you to Mr. Олег Теребенин from Visit Murmansk and v-leto.ru 
Contact: Mr. Oleg Pavlovich Terebenin
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