Sunday, February 14, 2016


31. The first time camping in Bryce Canyon and I nearly died (freezing cold).

32. When Shopping for beer in Utah.

33. When I lost my big toe nail to rope swinging

34. When we saw polygamy beer.

35. When we accidentally found an Arch along the highway.

36. Sampling the product on Bonneville salt flat.

37. When going on Antelope Canyon tour.

38. While trying to save Matt in Horeshoe bend.

39. When I was trying to take it all in in Grand Canyon.

40. Camping in Kaibab national forest with a bear visiting our tents 4am in the morning.

41. When camping out of nowhere in Utah near to a military base and a Prison.

42. Swimming in Yosemite.

43. Searching for Mirror lake when i found a deer and a bear instead.

44. Seeing the half dome for the first time.

45. Laughing about the poor truck with watermelons on the way to San Francisco.

46. The Pride Parade.

47. Lobster Sandwich at the fisherman wharf

48.  Sleeping in the airport during pride weekend.

49. Running on the shore all the way to meet the Golden Gate Bridge.

50. When I was in Slovang.

51. Highway 1 road trip : the McWay Falls.

51. When meeting a newly wed in Memphis and they wanted to treat us beer.

52. Waiting for the concert at Little Rock

53. All of Chicago

54. When a kind police men send us to Boston Warpole.

55. When I was given 2 bottle of Friz in Gilbert Stadium before the game, just because i asked for the name of the Friz (I really like it)

56. When I was riding the waves in Niagara falls.

57. The late night illumination and fireworks from the Canadian site.

58. Watching an old movie at the Bryant park Movie Festival.

59. ALL of New York

60. When typing this actually send a SMILE to my face

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Now, I am eager to hear about your favorite moments of your trips!

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