Sunday, February 21, 2016

Murmansk: Husky Centre

@littlemisshappyfeet: Look at their eyes, does it mean that
Huskies have 2 souls in them?
Ever wonder why Huskies seem to have their faces all over 9GAG? Their expressions can be really dumb at times. I mean, really Really REALLY dumb! However, don't be fooled. They are intelligent creatures!

In order to get to the husky center, we boarded a sled attached to a snowmobile. The ride through the winter forest path was simply enchanting. Once we reached the center, we were ushered into a cozy traditional tent with a fire ring in the center of the room. We were greeted warmly with home-made cakes and hot tea.
Cakes served in the tent. 
After the light refreshment, the owner of the center told the story about Siberian Huskies, their character and history of the breed. Our Husky center experience started off with a leisure stroll into the woods where we interacted with some gentle reindeer along the way.


Riding on a husky-sleigh is definitely an at-least-once-in-a-lifetime must-do! When we were on the sleigh, the owner did not once hit them. All he did was commanding the leader of the troop, "Alpha" to "go forward", and the rest depended on Alpha. When they were commanded to stop, they kept making noises, wanting to run more.

While you are there, don't miss the chance to take a selfie with the huskies. You might be in for a  surprise: how they look happier than you in the photo, or, if you are lucky, they might be doing funny faces while you are pressing down the shutter button.

What I love about the Husky Farm is the fact that the owners treat each and every huskies like their own babies. They feed them with fresh deer meat, not dog biscuits or can food. It's fun to see them interact with their owner, kissing her like no tomorrow... Adorable!

Thanks to Mr. Олег Теребенин from Visit Murmansk and for organizing our wonderful trip to Murmansk.  
Contact: Mr. Oleg Pavlovich Terebenin
Phone: +79212731919

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Vicki Louise said...

These pictures are adorable! I'd love to give them a cuddle!

S said...

Aw, they are so adorable! Such a lovely winter adventure.

Dang Travelers said...

I would love to do something like this! We saw these little snow companions in Alaska, but didn't have a chance to go for a ride. Lucky you! Great pictures by the way.

Unknown said...

LOL those are awesome dogs. My friend has a husky with blue eyes and she's an amazing companion.

Svetoslav Dimitrov said...

Huskies are both cute and noble! Great shots and amazing adventure! :)

Dominic said...

This looks amazing and something i'd love to do. The dogs look so happy and friendly.

Liesbeth Donné said...

They look adorable! However I would never do something like this... I think animals are not supposed to be locked up in a cage and serve as a tourist attraction...

Sher said...

omg the huskies are gorgeous!