Saturday, February 13, 2016


This was my first big trip, stepping out of my comfort zone. I reached New York with just a bag pack and a sleeping bag and everything else was history.
This is the list of my favorite/ Unforgettable moments in the USA.

1. When I woke up early to jog in Washington DC.
2. When I get my first big meal in the States in Athens.
3. When I was sitting on the pavement in Athens, chatting with a 20-something just released from prison.
4. When I was on my way to Atlanta and realized that my host cancelled my stay, and a girl name Olivia gave me so much comfort
5. When my second host in Atlanta came pick me up from the station at midnight and she has the brightest smile in the world. (and two adorable doggy)
6. When I was choosing cookies for Anya, this kid melt my heart.
7. When I lost my way in Atlanta, a girl went out of her way to help me, missing her home game.
8. When I was in Tampa bus station an Singaporean traveler was so fascinated with my 50 days in USA plan and eventually drawn a few more people into the discussion about the country.
9. When Whitney drove me all the way to the Seal plant and found it closed.
10. When I was in the largest Columbia Restaurant with Christina and Whitney.
11. When I woke up on a night bus to Orlando, I found this in my shoe.
12. When I stayed over in and she made Chinese Hot Pot.

13. When I was chilling at the Lake Eola.

14. When I went back to Orlando to meet my brother.

15. The time I spent swimming with stingrays and dolphins.

16.  When I looked up to the sky on my way to the Orlando bus station (sun rise).
17. When I met my friend Shin in Austin and do all those crazy stuff together again, just like old times.
18. Who knows, somebody's trash can be another's treasure? He made a Cathedral out of it!
19. Eating snow cone in a hot hot day
20. When Shin mistook other girl for me in Randy's and that girl just let this stranger put a tray full of food on her table.
21. Rescuing tuna crabs on the shores of La'Jolla
22. Eating Burrito after a long day walking at the beach.
23. Staying in a gay hostel and found out that its a great idea!
24. Staying with Katie in LA.
25. Hike up to the Hollywood sign with messy hair that is beyond repair.
26. Meeting these people for the very first time!
27. Las Vegas Cirque Du Soleil
28. When I received a big plate of omelette and manage to finish that whole thing (been there twice, failed the first time.)
29. Doing Walmart for the first time as Chris laughed about it.
30. Eating melted trail mix in Bryce Canyon

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Ella Ismail said...

Hi Babe!

I just want to ask, as like us Muslim, is that easy for me about halal food?

Thank you babe for your reply.
Ella Ismail.

Miss HappyFeet said...

Dear Ella,
I think it is quite easy in New York City. As for smaller towns, look for vegetarian restaurants, they are aplenty.
As for halal food in New York, I personally love "Halal Guys". You can search them up on google. Here is my recommendations on food, 2 particular stalls are halal, and best of all, cheap and filling: