Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Road Trip: 8 reasons to visit Pismo Beach on the Pacific Coastal Highway

Once billed the "Clamp capital of the world", today Pismo beach is still very famous with clamp chowder, a must have during a visit! Also, bike, surf board, kayak, fishing gear and atv rentals are available on the beach/ the pier. Here is 8 reasons why you should visit Pismo Beach.

1. It is right off the Pacific Coastal Highway!
Doing Highway 1 road trip? Add to your list of must-stop! (for 1 day, at least.)

2. Just a drive from San Luis Obispo
A short 15 minutes of driving is all you have to do to get to this fun-packed beach in California!

3. The Clamp Chowder
The Splash Cafe is famous for it's award winning Clamp Chowder, a must eat! It is located in a corner with colourful murals on the wall. You won't miss it, there will always be a long long line around the corner, people waiting to be seated. Yup, you won't go wrong with the clamp chowder, but at the same time, fish+chips and steamed clamps are pretty awesome too!

4. The vibrant murals
Colourful and vibrant murals are all over the place, you just have to look around!

5. The Fun
In pismo beach, there are a lot of activities available: fishing, camping, running, ATV, kayaking, surfing, people-watching!

6. Insects Rock Candy and Chocolate Worms

I found the Hotlix Candy shop accidentally. The concept is interesting: chocolate covered scorpions, suckers with grasshoppers, ants, crickets, worms and other homegrown insects. I didn't buy anything as it is painful to shell out $2 for something I would NOT eat, but anyhow, I stayed in the store for awhile, to watch people freak out!

7. Staircase to nowhere
This is an abandoned winding staircase that leads to nowhere below Ventana Grill along hotel row. It used to be a popular place to take wedding and graduation photos, but now... I just find it interesting as it sparks serious deep thoughts in me.

8. Shopping
Shopping is quite impossible in the central coast area because everything tend to be so overpriced!  Pismo Beach Premium Outlets offers a great variety of goods with reasonable prices (at last!).

Happy tummy in Pismo beach, a must stop!

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This post is based on my personal experience. 
Feel free to share your reasons to visit Pismo Beach with me by commenting below!

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