Thursday, March 17, 2016

RUSSIA: 12 photos to show you why you should go to Lake Baikal

Photo by Alexy Trofimov.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, the pearl of Siberia is the largest freshwater lake on Earth, containing approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s freshwater. On 6th September, Russia marks Lake Baikal Day, a celebration of the world’s deepest lake and one of the world’s greatest natural monuments.

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How to get to Lake Baikal? 

- Book an all-in tour from Moscow
- Take a plane from Moscow to Irkutsk. 
- Make it an obligatory stop during your Trans-Siberian Rail trip. 

Still not quite sure yet? Now here are 12 photos to spark up your Baikal-Wanderlust:

Winter on Lake Baikal. Photograph: Olivier Renck/

Note that theres only 11 photos when the title says 12? The 12th photo will be yours! Make a trip down to the Lake and share your experience with us!