Saturday, March 5, 2016

Turkey: 2 days in Pammukalle

We scored a cheap last minute bus ticket at Goreme bus stop and here we go-- off to the cotton castle! Bus company: Metroturizm

Best time to visit: Summer. Although it might get quite hot in summer, at least all you need is a dip in one of the many natural pools, which you can do that freely.  If you are visiting during winter, climbing up the cascades barefoot (no shoes allowed, you have no choice), accompanied by chill-to-the-bones wind and icy cold water running down the travertines could be a pain. (experiences may vary)

Recommended stay: Artemis Yoruk Hotel
If you book ahead of time, you will be able to grab a "bed and breakfast + 24 hour free tea" great deal for as low as € 9. The Hotel is conveniently located opposite the bus stop, featuring a refreshing pool and a rooftop restaurant. The receptionist was friendly and charismatic, he upgraded our room (for free), gave us honest reviews of everything (even advised us not to sign up for paragliding due to bad weather), and told HILARIOUS jokes.    

Day 1: Travertines (UNESCO World Heritage site)

Friends made on the travertines. 

Admission cost: 25 Lr (without a tourguide)
                       45 Lr ( with a tourguide)
No shoes allowed on the Travertines, so bring a bagpack to put your shoes in. The hike up to the top of those travertines was incredible with refreshing water running downstream. You can dip in one of these calcium cliff natural pools overlooking Pamukkale.  

Roman city of Hierapolis

My travel mate/botfriend/GPS. 
It was certainly a Bonus added to our Pamukkalle experience! Since you are definitely visiting the Thermal pools, why not walk a lllliittlleee bit further to see the remains of an ancient roman city?
At the end of your walk, there will be a magnificent Roman amphitheater of Hierapolis. You should hire a local guide if you are really into history ( English and Russian tours available)

Cleopatra Pool (Hot spring)

This is your once in a life time chance to travel back in time, swim with the roman ruins dating back to 2nd century B.C. Entrance fee is 32 TL ( not included in your general admission ticket to visit the Travertines) .

A dip in one of the Thermal Pool

Why not? There are free. Water was are not as warm as the Cleopatra pool, but still the experience was so amazing, words fail. If you are not in a rush, sit in the pool long enough to watch spectacular sunset, people-watch and spend quality time with your travel partners.

Day 2: Excitement continues

Pamukkale Nature Park
Just located at the foot of the Travertines, the Pamukkale Nature Park is the perfect place to spend a beautiful sunday morning. You can spend some time interacting with locals, watching the geese and ducklings around the lake.


Highly recommended by locals, we took a 3 Lr dolmuş trip to Karahayit Red Spring. The journey was about 10 minutes, including a drive (extra slow) pass a narrow street market where our driver bought some fruits WHILE DRIVING THE VAN. The red spring is not as big as the Travertines. However, water here is warmer and if you are interested in mud baths, try it here!


We departed for Selçuk in the afternoon.

Thank You for Reading! This post is based solely on my honest opinion or personal experience. If you have a different opinion, feel free to share your thoughts with me by commenting below!


carol colborn said...

Wow you could go to the travertines up close! Wasn't that risky for damages to the World Heritage Site?

Tine@A World og Backpacking said...

I always wanted to visit Pamkkumale and what a great walk through of all the things you can do there!

Melody Pittman said...

What a gorgeous place to visit. Love UNESCO world heritage sites and hot springs so pretty sure I would enjoy this trip.