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RUSSIA: Saint Petersburg, the Majestic City of Canals

Saint Petersburg is nicknamed the “Venice of the North”, it is one of the most mesmerizing canal-cities in the world . Since the breakup of USSR in 1991, the city took the World by storm, springing into the A-list of world-class destinations in a fairly short time. People generally loves the picturesque canals dotted with baroque bridges, the Winter Palace of the Romanov Dynasty, the arrays of impressive treasure housed in the Hermitage…. and the list goes on and on. 

Canal tours

Join a boat tour down the breathtaking canals of Saint Petersburg to see for yourself what’s the hype all about! I am sure that at the end of the day, You will fall so head-over-heels in love with the city!

Tour the Hermitage

No trip to Saint Petersburg is complete without getting into Hermitage!  Visiting the Hermitage or Winter Palace is a MUST for every first timers or returning visitors. It is a massive palace housing timeless art pieces, antiques and treasures. And good news if you are a students: You have free access to the treasure trove!  

The Churches 

Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood is another must-see in Saint- Petersburg. and just incase you are wondering why that serious name, the visually striking church was built on the very location where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated in 1881. Also, don’t miss the Our-Lady-of-Kazan Cathedral on Nevsky Prospekt and Saint Isaac's Cathedral on the St. Isaac's Square. 

Search for Roof tops 

St Petersburg is a beautiful city, with no established observation platforms due to the construction law in the historic center! (SAY WHAT?!) However, it is not entirely impossible to get that perfect panoramic view. The colonnade of St Isaac's cathedral offers a good view of the city. 

Opera and Ballet

The Mariinsky Ballet, together with Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow is the most well-known Ballet institution in all of Russia.  Tickets can be purchased directly from the theater box offices or Tetrenaya Kasa on the streets. 

Join the locals

The locals in Saint Petersburg are friendly and who knows some of them might be eager to learn English from you! It is always nice to be able to explore a city through a local’s eyes, finding out all the well-kept secrets! To do that, join the Couchsurfing groups of Saint Petersburg, tell the locals you are up for a coffee! If that didn’t work out, join a local tour instead. Sputnik and Discover Walks St Petersburg are good choices. 

Buy a LOMO

Saint Petersburg is the birth place for LOMO Cameras. So to all LOMO enthusiasts out there, never miss the chance to purchase the model you long for during your trip. According to my friend who used to buy a LOMO during every visit, "You will be surprised to see how affordable a LOMO can be in Russia, you just have to know where to go!"

Stay up all night

If you visit the city in the end of June or Early July, you might not have the intension to sleep! The White Night phenomena (24 hours of day light) will definitely mess up your circadian cycle, but on a brighter tone, more time for you to explore the many streets of this beautiful city!

Cruise Trip out of Saint Petersburg

From Saint Petersburg, access to nearby Scandinavian countries is very easy. Just sign up for a Cruise Tour that includes stopovers in Norway, Finland and Denmark from major cruise lines (Princess, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Carnival, Celebrity, MSC, Azamara, etc.).

Thank You for Reading! 
Feel free to share your thoughts or city updates with me by commenting below!

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